offline yayu-_-eetr Titan ★ The TrapStars ★
Friday 29/03/2013, 12:40

I've recently tried extended for a bit, just in case your wondering l suck at dts. I've been playing around with mono-skeelz for a while now.

Heres my deck as of now; Chiara Cr, Sandro, Dr Falkenstein, Belgosi, Minerva, Aylen, Michael, Tomas

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Friday 29/03/2013, 17:30

Sandro to Corvus

offline RidingAlone Imperator  
Monday 01/04/2013, 03:42

If you're planning on keep playing mono skeelz then you really need to get Sasha and keep Sandro. I would reduce the number of stars in your deck. I would also try to replace one of your 4* or 5* with Dwan, a good 2-way card which i find awesome for DTs.

offline 0 GURU Novice  
Sunday 14/04/2013, 03:03

A goo idea in DT's is to play quickly, try 1 or 2HKO as much as possible, but you also need to be weary of cards that force penalties on you, as too many of those means you will lose bp I you lose a match, here is my deck Ice Cold Killers

offline Ambrelo1134 Titan  
Sunday 14/04/2013, 04:53

Aylen isn't really useful in DT..........

offline hashburki Guru REIGN OF THE SUPREMES
Sunday 14/04/2013, 12:05

Dwan for Aylen
Jay for Belgosi

available BlackStormMOB Imperator Masters of Battle
Monday 15/04/2013, 03:43

No drop tomas to lorna and aylen to redra and your set too go far

offline Shanks Guru Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 17/04/2013, 05:45

Aylen to dwan if you want to keep the star count smiley

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