offline -St Bernard- Novice  
Thursday 04/04/2013, 12:19

I read about this free credit article that says i can get free 10 credits plus free market sell access..
I was just wondering if it was real..
Guys i needyouranswers to lighten up mycuriousity.. smiley

offline WMDuessel Guru Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 04/04/2013, 12:35

As long as you finish the survey and it says "Thank you, you will be credited shortly" or something similar, then yes.

offline Mistah Prince Imperator Time Conquers All
Thursday 04/04/2013, 18:40

Yeah, as long as it's not one of the 60% that never credit anything smiley

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Thursday 04/04/2013, 19:25

Trial Pay is quirky. I recommend following steps:

1) Play yourself to atleast level 30. Why? Because they take you more seriously if you are committed to the game.
2) Obiviously: Use always valid information. Be who you claim to be. Answer even the optional things correctly.
3) Document EVERY STEP YOU MAKE. This is so you create proof that you have done what these offers offer. Take screecaptures of each page you fill out (with your answers filled in) before submitting pages. If there is redirection URL then cut-copy-paste that url so you can present them.
4) Keep every single e-mail that gets sent to you by trialpay affiliates. Many of these go to junkmail, so be ready to salvage them from there.
5) Hope you get the credits without hassle.
6) If you dont, start support request at Trialpay service. Make polite statement that you have met the requirements and not received your credits. Politeness and correcteness - but being firm at the same time - is the most efficient way. At no case start "Im 12 yrs old and I dont know anything so give me credits lol."

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Thursday 04/04/2013, 19:34

7) Attach all the screenshots and all the mails you have received from offer to this report, also write all your observations (for example errors).
smiley At this point you have about 50% chance of getting your credits.
9) If you dont, contact UR staff and tell about trialpay's misconduct. Present evidence (and include trialpay version too.).
10) At this point you have done everything reasonable and you are most likely to get your credits, still - it might not happen, but you gave your best chance.

Some of the frauds I have been noticing on Trialpay:

- Multiple offers from same co-operator. They refuse to pay because "you are already registered member":
- Same as above, even if company/website changes totally (same surveys on multiple sites).
- Offer makers have intentional errors on their system, you get forwarded to some other company, and if you proceed "it wasnt us".
- Intentional errors - and after that comes e-mail with alternate link. By following this link you wont get credits because the tracking ID is lost.
- Totally fraudelent claims, even on services that cost money. (Nordic pointblog/pointshop does this constantly.)
- "Limited offers" that OH JUST HAPPENED TO FILL UP.
- "This thing was not intented for your area/country" (Offer was presented on my native language ffs.).
- Intentionally Unclickable "Terms of service" on some offers (if you accept you dont know what you are actually accepting.)

Have fun and take care smiley

offline aLTRe-eGo Guru URBAN MADNESS
Friday 25/07/2014, 17:40

smiley And then you get...

From Trialpay support:

[quote]"Thanks for submitting your Rabid Rabbits receipt -- we've processed it and you should receive your credit within the hour. Unfortunately, our Network Quality Team has evaluated your account history and determined that this is the last manual credit we are authorized to issue for your account.

Based on your transaction history, our team has been manually crediting your offers at an abnormally high rate -- in other words, our offer partners have not indicated to us that any of these offer completions were valid, but we've been issuing credit based on your submitted proof of completion.

Going forward, we will not be able to credit any further receipts for your account. Please note, additionally, that our team reserves the right to disable access to TrialPay offers if you continue to submit receipts to our system.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


TrialPay Customer Support[/quote]"

[i]manually crediting your offers at an abnormally high rate[/i]

offline aLTRe-eGo Guru URBAN MADNESS
Friday 25/07/2014, 18:20

^That's because none of the report back and reward me!

Cache and history cleared and allowing of cookies and all that other junk to get them to pay so they are just be scamy.

"I call shenanigans"

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