Thursday 11/04/2013, 01:21

My country is not listed, so it is not easy for me to buy clintz which brings about a stupid clause not allowing me to trade cards with others until i do.
please try and fix this
btw i'm from nigeria

Thursday 11/04/2013, 09:38

I think it's just an oversight, but it's possible your country does not support the commonly used methods of online payment, such as PayPal.

Thursday 11/04/2013, 14:30

There are lots of other countries which are not listed or have a flag in UR.Like Bangladesh.I don't know whats the problem with the UR staffs to add the missing countries in the flag list. It won't do them any harm,rather would be great for their business.

Tuesday 23/04/2013, 18:00

Why cant this be rectified? cuz its not making it easy.
btw there is my flag in fantasy rival

Tuesday 23/04/2013, 18:05

If you post at exactly 24:00 it says "Today" smiley


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