offline Ethan kun Guru  
Saturday 20/04/2013, 17:59

So, I just loaded up from urban rivals and finally became a seller,i sold my newblood characters that I saved in my collection before I was a seller, and from master I went down to senior, and I have a bucketful of clintz right now, and Dregn just opened my eyes, tempting me to buy him, and I thought of a Frozn-Vortex deck.. would it be nice if I put Dregn in it? Like, high damage, the synergy of the clans bonuses.. lose a turn, deliver damage to enemy, then finish them with Dregn.. (u get pillz back if u lose anyways..)

offline Ethan kun Guru  
Saturday 20/04/2013, 18:02

That's "deliver damage to enemy using Frozn" btw.. :3 responses would be very much appreciated.. smiley

offline WMDuessel Guru Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 20/04/2013, 18:53

Dregn is not that good. Get Dagg + X-0DUS instead

offline hashburki Imperator REIGN OF THE SUPREMES
Saturday 20/04/2013, 19:34

The way you've described your game plan for a five star i think Naele would do a better job. Though Dagg and T-Gaank would be better.

offline Ethan kun Guru  
Sunday 21/04/2013, 04:11

Thanks.. 4 star characters it is then.. right now I'm confused if either Annuqa or Tiwi Ld fills up my 3nd 3* slot, Sah Brinak and Haaken being the 1st one and 2nd one.. as for the Vortex characters in my deck, T Gaank or x-odus? My deck turned out to be like this: Sah Brinak, Haaken, Stompah, Annuqa/Tiwi Ld, C Wing, Cyb Lhia (poison may come in handy), dagg, and x-odus/T Gaank? Again, responses are appreciated.. smiley

offline BlackStormMOB Guru Masters of Battle starstarstar
Sunday 21/04/2013, 04:42

Use Haaken annuqna and Tiwi Ld. sah brinka will get dr faster than any other tree star or she will get SOA first too

offline Ethan kun Guru  
Sunday 21/04/2013, 10:53

Thanks for ur suggestion.. more suggestions please? smiley

offline -Fruz Senior  
Sunday 21/04/2013, 11:34

If I was to run Frozn/Vortex - I'd probably go:

Windzy, Annuqa, Tiwi Ld, Stompah, C Wing, Deea, T Gaank & Dagg.

offline Ethan kun Guru  
Sunday 21/04/2013, 11:54

More answers please? I need to gather up information.. is Sah Brinak really not needed?

offline LoA USA Master  
Sunday 21/04/2013, 14:26

Yeah Sah Brinak isn't as good as he seems on paper

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