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Tuesday 30/04/2013, 12:38


Shades of Amber was founded on April 4th, 2013 By Afrobatics. But now its come out of the dark and looking for new members.. Ever since then it has been our mission to provide our members with the most pleasurable experience a Guild has to offer in modern day Clint City. We centre ourselves around our members which we provide the up-most qualities of how you want to be treated. Our commitment of excellence is as follows:

==±‡†-Clan Rules-†‡±--

¤ Bad behaviour can result in a strike being given and 3 strikes results in a kick from the Guild.

¤ Respect other Guild members.

¤ Show up, help out, and have fun each week with the Guild.

¤ Please try to attend events

¤ No Trolling other Guild Members.

¤ Try to help maintain our Guild to the best of your abilities.

Things We can Offer you
- Friendly and Active Community where we all help each other out
- Fortnightly in Guild Events

Requirements to join

- Active player
- level 10 +

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