offline Espectroscuro Colossus Le p0tager
Friday 21/06/2013, 16:15

Hi everyone,

We’ve made a few changes to Duel mode:
- Reduced the number of cards to be won to one card a day for 10 wins.
- Limited the use of the room once the card has been won.
You can play Kate again the next day to win a card.
We've decided to make these changes because although the Duel room is very popular, it is, unfortunately, a victim of its own success.
Our initial aim in creating Duel mode was to help new players win cards and start their collection by playing.
However, this system has not fulfilled our aims: the fact that you can carry out unlimited fights does not encourage Urban Rivals’ new recruits to try out other rooms.
We would like this room to act as a transition zone between starting out in the game and entering the multiplayer game modes.
Currently a lot of players use this room to carry out their missions and earn battle points without having to even go into the multiplayer rooms, which is a further unintended consequence of the mode. Although Kate is very nice, we feel the essence of Urban Rivals is in the multiplayer modes.

Happy gaming to you all!

offline Wakshaani Legend  
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 07:39

I'm fine with the 10 wins for a card thing, but I'd also happily take the older 5-10-15 method where wins didn't count towards Missions.

Tis a fair trade, and mission grinding is a LARGE swath of the room, I'd think. (Or so it would seem from the Hurancan LD cards I was fighting an hour or so after he went live.)

offline Nilfhelm Titan  
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 08:32

Today duel, tomorrow elo ?smiley

offline omgim_D Titan OnE MaLaysia
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 10:31


offline Coldberg Titan URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 12:05

Would it not be possible to implement the duel mode into another room?

So for example if you're under level 15 you have to complete/win say 5/10/15 matches in any room to unlock the cards. Level 16-30 you have to complete/win 10/15/25 matches to unlock the cards. Level 31-60 requires you complete 15/25/40 to achieve the unlocks. Then level 60+ is 25/40/60 to get the cards.

This would mean that lower levels gain common cards to help build their collections which was the primary intention of the room in the first place. Higher leveled players can still achieve the free cards but have to put in more effort as they benefit less from them anyway. More importantly it means users are playing against each other rather than getting free wins against Kate & her poor AI. This will help raise the standard of play across the site.

You could keep the duel room but have it not give out bp &/or BP &/or missions. Or you have rewards diminishing on a sliding scale the higher the players level. So anyone under level 15 gets the full amount of bp/clintz whilst anyone between 16-30 gets only 75%, 31-45 get 50%, 46-60 get 25% & anyone over level 60 gets nothing.

You need to make it so the higher leveled players find it more productive to use other rooms.

I'm level 81 & I only leave the duel room to complete Ld missions or other missions which require a specific room. There is no incentive for me to use other rooms against players who will timeout on purpose or leave to stop me completing miss

offline Foutepappie Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 12:15

How annoying... I work a lot so don't have time to play long hours for the multiplayer modes like ELO/survivor.

Duel mode was an option to get my daily fix without having my gf nagging that i spend every night in urban rivalsland. It made me a little bit of money to buy cards and gave a sense of satisfaction in at least advancing in missions.

Gave me the idea that i could at least make some progress without having to do missions angainst trollers and/or time-outers in Fight club or huge decks in Deathmatch.

So admittedly I did use Duel for missions, but usually stopped after getting the 3rd common card. Don't think that is abuse, winning 30 fights and getting a few commons/clintz. Game just became less fun for me... Too bad smileysmileysmiley

offline GZ Einlanzer Titan Gamerz Sanctuary
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 13:08

Good job and reasons. smiley

offline JOKER2Ultra Senior  
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 14:38

I am happier then ever that game is collapsing by incompatible fools

offline TheCreat0r Veteran Ellas to Megaleio sou
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 17:02

This is to much for the low levels, clintz are not easy to obtain for low level players so duel mode was a blessing. Now for the higher levels i think its not even needed(except from selling the cards or collecting them) , i think you have to change it again to the way it was or something like 2 cards 10 wins each.

p.s just change much for lower levels players to handle.....thanks

offline Vinyl-Scratch Titan D-Versified
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 17:06

So many people who have a over reliance for duel mode. Try playing the multiplayer game modes, after all this game was made for it, not for playing solo.

offline Valhalas Titan  
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 17:58

So this was supposed to shift the population to other rooms, but it seems there are actually LESS people in other rooms now (as I predicted).

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