offline Mac_Leod Colossus Cocounts Island
Friday 23/08/2013, 13:52

Friday august 23th at 6pm CET (noon EST) to monday august 26th at 10am CET (4am EST), join the "No Ko! No Victory!" Coliseum : Extended format

You'll win points after each match according to those rules :

+15 for KO

-15 points in case of timeout / forfeit

14 pillz, 15 lives and a whole week end to play 30 games !

To be won : clintz, clintz, clintz !

As soon as the Coliseum starts, you will be able to follow your progress during the tournament by going on the Coliseum page and clicking here .
The Coliseum is Urban Rivals' events game mode, come to take part in tournaments proposing original game formats and exceptional prizes each week.

To access the Coliseum, simply click on PLAY, then change the game mode and select the Coliseum in the list. Please note the Coliseum is only visible when a tournament has started. To join in, your deck must be compatible with the imposed deck format.

Have fun everybody !

available Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Friday 23/08/2013, 16:50

So many El Divino based decks....

offline joseph_27 Imperator DL's Knights
Saturday 24/08/2013, 18:22

00:20 Coliseum you beat baptlbg (9-3): 0 points
My score in coliseum should be 180.

offline SKAlocaust Hero  
Saturday 24/08/2013, 23:55

Joeseph; that's not a KO. Event is called NO KO, NO VICTORY.

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Clint City, night.