Thursday 12/09/2013, 14:41

From Friday september 13th at 6pm CET to Monday september 16th at 10am CET, join the Coliseum for a 'URBAN WAR' ! 24 stars deck!

Scoring rules :
If win (normal), then add point(s), (10 pts) to player
If timed out win, then add point(s), (20 pts) to player
If default win, then add point(s), (20 pts) to player
If draw, then add point(s), (5 pts) to player
If the player timed out, then remove point(s), (5 pts) to player
If the player withdrew, then remove point(s), (5 pts) to player
If extra: the opponent is KO’d, then add point(s) per Pillz, (1 pts) to player

As soon as the Coliseum starts, you will be able to follow your progress during the tournament by going on the Coliseum page and clicking here

The Coliseum is Urban Rivals' events game mode, come to take part intournaments proposing original game formats and exceptional prizes each wednesday and friday.

To access the Coliseum, simply click on PLAY, then change the game mode and select the Coliseum in the list.Please note the Coliseum is only visible when a tournament has started.To join in, your deck must be compatible with the imposed deck format.

Have fun everybody !

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Thursday 12/09/2013, 14:51

This would be the hardest Coliseum Format that I will play tomorrow .

Thursday 12/09/2013, 14:55

How many pillz and lives do you start wth?

Thursday 12/09/2013, 15:45

Monoclan ?

Thursday 12/09/2013, 18:46

What is the diff between normal win default win ?

Thursday 12/09/2013, 19:32

@Udroid: Default win = your opponent has quit the game.

Thursday 12/09/2013, 21:42

12 pillz
12 lives

Thursday 12/09/2013, 22:45

Sounds fun. Only one problem. Why so many extra points for a default win? Im not so sure that having a reward of double points for a forfeiture makes sense. Please stay vigilant, because it seems like folks could cheat the system more easily with that ruling in place. Nonetheless, it seems like itll be a whole lot of fun. Heres hoping for a cloud in front of my opponent's signal tower.

Thursday 12/09/2013, 22:49

And can I just say that I love these weekend-long events? They're really awesome. I play every weekend.

Thursday 12/09/2013, 23:40

Pillz & Lives ?!! smileysmileysmiley


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