available yaoihuntresse Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 15/09/2013, 18:32

Given the talk of remade old cards, which artist would you like to see redraw some of the older cards or what revised stats would you give them? My choices would be...

Bodenpower: Shinmako
Chikko Cr: Ples001
Syn Nooze: Ples001
Lost Hog: Quirkilcous or John Sein
Macumba: Fudge
Natrang: Vanoxymore
Tatane: Quirkilcous
Windy Mor: RoyalChu
Brandon: Tony Semedo
Keanu: RoyalChu
Nobrocybix: Fudge
Gertrud: Fudge
Mitch: Arcto Picto
Wardog: John Sein or Ples001
Don: Vanoxymore
Lino Borsa: Tony Semedo
Lyse Teria Cr: Fudge
Pino: RoyalChu
Charlie: Fudge though I'd love to see comic artist, Terry Moore, try.
Gwen: Quirklicous
Ninja Nyne: Quirklicous
Noon Stevens: Vanoxymore
Shawoman: Phallodie
Wanda: Fudge
Ratanah: Royalchu
Caciope: Phalodie
Gastroboy: Vanoxymore
Halley: Fudge
Rebbecca: Vanoxymore
Dorian: I like his art, but it would be fun to see what Vanoxymore could do.
Gina Glint: Quirklicous
Maeva: Fudge

offline J amox Titan Open Casket
Saturday 21/09/2013, 22:23

I wish

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Sunday 22/09/2013, 11:00

Instead of redoing cards I simply suggest making about 10% of cards obsolete. These cards are no longer gotten from normal packs but you can buy packs that contain these cards. (15 credits for pack of 4)

Im talking about trashcards with power 1-4 and no usable abilities and absolutely no playworth because of power creep / ones that are quite constantly under 200 clintz in price.

These cards are still obtainable for collecting purposes and handed out as reward from duels and they count towards "total collection". But they no longer clutter the packs that are gotten for serious play in mind. Also they would get automatically one guaranteed CR crowing per year just for the market-lols.

offline Sofapavunc Novice Casual Grind
Sunday 22/09/2013, 13:10

What talk of remaking cards?

And the developers might be happy with useless cards being in packs. If they take them out, it's easier to get something worthwhile, therefore less packs sold, therefore less proffits. Second, these cards constantly get bought or sold because almost everyone wants to invest into a potential Cr but almost nobody can afford to invest in anything more expensive. Otherwise a good chunk of these would constantly be at the minimum clitz becasue many of them are pretty much not worth anything. Now since they get bought and sold all the time, kate takes a tax. This takes money out of the circulation, and even if it's just 5-10 ctz per sale it probably removes a lot of money from the system.

Now if you removed them you'd get two things - 1) anyone opening packs would be more likely to score a really expensive card. So the average pack would pump more clintz into the system. Anyone who scores a big sale from a few packs would be able to buy several inexpensive but functional decks for tourneys, elo, duel or missions. And then he wouldn't open packs too much after that, because he probably wouldn't have to. 2) You'd lose a steady source of money drain, leaving people with more clintz on average which would just result in prices rising due to investors being able to sell stuff for more money.

In short, getting rid of the junk cards is probably a bad idea for the developers otherwise they would've done it a while ago.

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Sunday 22/09/2013, 14:45

Scoring 5 of the most expensive pack-obtainable cards on this game allows you to buy roughly 1,5 full clans.

Giving some of the most expensive cards to players does not make them rich at all. Thats at most 10% worth of full non-CR collection. Thats pennies.

Making average pack more valuable would not have real effect on game, except it would give new players more incentive to get packs because there would not be absurdly bad cards there, allowing them to form good decks faster (aka = enjoy the game).

This game delivers utterly useless cards that never see the playfield. Thats just bad policy.

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