Saturday 12/10/2013, 21:56

Hello all,
i'd like to trade for the cards mentioned above 0xp needed, valued 485k each.
Will be trading with these;
Kolos 0xp x11 40k each (440k)
Dregn 0xp x9 40k each (360k)
And these cards to make up for the 85k each/ a mix up to your liking
Copper full 30k
Coby full 21k
Charlie 0xp 41k
Leviatonn 0xp x2 17k each
Rowdy 0xp x2 18k each
Shakra full 21k
El Divino 0xp 26k
Cash can be replaced for whichever card not needed or interested in.

If interested do notify, thank you.

Saturday 12/10/2013, 23:52

9 Dregn 0xp+4Kolos 0xp+rowdy 0xp for my Vickie Cr 0xp secure trade smiley

Sunday 13/10/2013, 00:02

Sorry but that went above my estimation of her.

Sunday 13/10/2013, 00:08

You're Kolos dregn's Charlie and Shakra rowdy Leviatonn and 40k for my two Vickie full ?

Sunday 13/10/2013, 00:31

Well that's a nice offer but i am really interested in the 0xp
But if i was to go for it will it be possible to make it 50k?

Sunday 13/10/2013, 00:33

I could do 43k in SE but that's it i don't have much cash on me right now :/

Sunday 13/10/2013, 00:38

Okay then, can you please put it on hold?
and if by Monday, i don't get any other offer i'll be asking you of her.
And if yes, hopefully by Monday you can make it 50?

Sunday 13/10/2013, 00:41

Sorry Monday to Wednesday.

Sunday 13/10/2013, 00:43

Well i can't guarantee the Vickies will be with me much longer sorry it'll have to be tonight because Vickie is a highly wanted card :/

Sunday 13/10/2013, 00:54

Well then thank you Miss, but i'll have to wait a bit.
Sorry for the waste of time.


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