Need deck help

Saturday 16/11/2013, 00:24

Hello everybody,
I quickly threw a deck together - that I thought would be decent in a tourney - it kinda, did not, do as good as I had hoped :)

but that is okay :D
I would like you peeps to give me some help regarding what I should focus on?
and is Junta even playable in tourneys ??

Saturday 16/11/2013, 00:26

I think this might help you guys - helping me :)

Saturday 16/11/2013, 01:27

It could just be how you're playing it; you may need to adjust your strategy.

La Junta are playable though they're normally used without a second clan; they don't need a clan to provide power because their cards are quite powerful as one clan as you'll see from cards like Thormund and Isatis for example. :)

Monday 18/11/2013, 19:02

I'd advise you to use Uppers, mono Montana or mono sentienel in DT :blush: Mono decks usually work best in DT's and I'm currently using Sky infinity 50 td win reasonably cheap and a great deck :thumbsup:

Need any more help, hit my inbox :-d gl :dork:


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