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You must send application for membership in the Romanian comment section
PLEASE READ ALL RULES CAREFULLY ( Spanish comment section )
OFFICIAL LANGUAGE of EVENT IS RUSSIAN ( arrange for meetings should be in Russian ) . You automatically agree with all statements when you will enter to this event
1. Deck changing with one opponent is prohibited ( punished by disqualification immediately) . Screens about deck changing should be published in Turkish comment section, other posts will not be counted
2 . Screens with ignores and refuses - English comment section( there must be at least 2 letters written on different days ) other posts will not be counted
3 . Cancel the fight allowed only at the request of the winner. To cancel the fight, you should write about it in the French section of comments . All other messages will be ignored.
4 . Format of hp (lives) pilz at all stages of the event will be stable =14 lives 12pilz .
5 . Aggression towards the opponents, obscene language etc., will be punished by disqualification immediatelly
6. Proven facts of collusion will be punished by disqualification
7. Format of the deck at all stages will be the same, there may be some bans .
8. Maximum number of players in one team - 3
9. Have any questions? Go to the Portugalian section of the comments
10 . The Italian comment section is serve for the market services
11. In the Polish comment section you may find the rules of distribution prizes and discussion about it


Once in the United States, scientists have made a horrible mistake, giving rise to the spread of the virus. Contagion began to spread rapidly to neighboring states. This world has turned into a Nightmare, filled with hideous monsters infected with T. People, as it seemed, could stop the zombie apocalypse (ZOMBIELAND)( ) . But we all were wrong! Unfortunately, there were survivors of a zombies who fled ... Fled to RUSSIA! Now contagion captures all large areas ... You know what to do!

⇛How to participate in this event :

✔1. You should send the statement with the name of your group team. In this statement must be specified area where you are operating. Example: Moskow Nejit Sochi Zomb and the like)

✔2 . You must chose the side of zombie or human ( below you will find the advantage of each side)

✔3 . Statement you should send alone

✔4 . You should enter to the event (Big green button - just for case=)

⇛Advantages and disadvantages of the parties :


1. With the victory over the man :

a)kills him with the artifact "Psihopazatron" (but there is chance to survive )

b) using the artifact "Magnet" turn them into zombies then you can take him to your team

c) picks 10 % of the pts in a team of loser

2.With a victory over the other zombies :

a) with the artifact "Zombium' +10 pts to the team and to the players of this team

b) kill him (no chance to survive )

3. With the defeat from the human:

a) with the artifact "Rot" you are able to accept the human`s side (if the human, who defeated you want see you in his own team )

b) die from it (no chance to survive )

4 . With the defeat from the other zombies :

a)kill him (there is a chance to survive )


1.When victory over the another human:

a) with the artifact "Friendship" takes him to the team winner

b) using the artifact " Wealth " seven points to the team and to the each player (with victory)

c) kills him ( not chance to survive )

2. With the victory over the zombies :

a) with the artifact " Rot " zombie goes to human`s side

b) kill him (no chance to survive )

c) +4 pts ( to the team and to the each player of the team-victory)

3. With the defeat from the other person :

a) -7 pts to the team ( loser team )

b) kills him ( no chance to survive )

4. With the defeat from the zombies:

a) with the artifact "Life" saves himself from death

b) -10 % pts of his own team ( human)

⇛Rules of prizes distribution are next-

During the game, players and teams gain the points. Prize distribution will be very simple:

The team with the highest number of points will be the first one, teams with lower number of pts will be for 1 step lower

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Looks fun smiley

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