offline GundhamTanaka Colossus The Trend
Wednesday 09/04/2008, 23:12

Hey every1 i always wanted to do this, so i guess i will, i might need some help though, but i am going to name
all the clan leaders or who i think they are. i got bored so i guess im doing it smiley also im taking a survey, of which clan leader ppl most like, but ill tell u when that will happen right now if u think another person is a clan leader, tell me by putting it on here, thx! smiley
all stars-Eyrton
fang pi clan- lost hog
gheist-sigmund cr
junkz-dj korr cr?
la junta- general cr
leader dosen't have one smiley
roots-??????smileysmileysmiley(who is it?)
sakrohm-guru cr
ulu watu- tanaereva?
uppers-zatman??? no clue

offline 000_zKINGx Master BrainZtorm
Saturday 12/07/2008, 02:05

I just thought Dorian because it says, "It's not going to be easy" (shrug)smiley

offline Coverator Senior  
Saturday 12/07/2008, 07:52

: i think clan leaders mostly are around 4 - 5 stars.. so lets see..

All Stars : Eyrton
Bangers: Bodenpower
Fang Pi Clang : i wouldn't think it is Lost Hog... maybe it would be Kinjo.. or a not-yet released card.. or Lao Cr ( wild guess )
Freaks: i think its not Boris.. Boris is a ringmaste

offline Coverator Senior  
Saturday 12/07/2008, 09:18

: oops.. my post is cut.. i would continue it..

Freaks: i think its not Boris.. Boris is a ringmaster, and the one who finds clan members.. But ever wonder who gave Boris the job of ringmaster? or who made a plan to build a circus with Boris along his/her side?
Gheist: Sigmund Cr
Junkz: Dj Korr Cr
La Junta: General Cr
Montana: Don
Nightmare: Ielena
Piranas : Bloodh
Pussycats: im not sure about Charlie..
Rescue: Kerry
Roots: Babylon ( wild guess ), or not yet released..
Sakrohm: Guru Cr
Sentinel: Copper
Ulu Watu: Tanaereva.. but im not also sure..
Uppers: i think its not yet released..

offline LawLessChaoz Master  
Saturday 12/07/2008, 13:56

Who is babylon?? Why do I not have this Babylon??

offline Me10c Novice  
Saturday 12/07/2008, 14:49

Babylon is a city of ancient Mesopotamia, the remains of which can be found in present-day Al Hillah, Babil Province, Iraq, about 85 kilometers (55 mi) south of Baghdad.

offline Me10c Novice  
Saturday 12/07/2008, 15:54

Lost Hod IS the LEADER of the Fang Pi Clang.
You people have to learn the diference between LEADER and FOUNDER.

offline Simple0313 Novice  
Saturday 12/07/2008, 16:41

No he means there is no card called Babylon

offline John53 Senior  
Saturday 12/07/2008, 17:14

The leader of leaders is morphun

offline Fremmeno Colossus Open Casket
Saturday 12/07/2008, 18:00

Morphun cannot be leader of leader's cuz leader is not a clan..

offline Graebo LOA Master  
Saturday 12/07/2008, 18:49

Ringmaster is exactly that, a ringmaster, this person runs the circus thus making Boris the leader of the Freaks so far.

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