Wednesday 22/08/2007, 08:20

Allopass payment is available in several new countries.
Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Lithuania can all buy credits via Allopass at the shop.

Have fun

Wednesday 22/08/2007, 17:23

When will Brazil be added to the allopass countries??

do the staff think of a date, like... end of august of something??

I would buy credits =D


Wednesday 22/08/2007, 17:39

Unfortunatly, we have absolutly no involvement on the addition of allopass countries smiley
Brazil is obvisouly an important country, last time I heard, it was not happening because of some regulations in Brazil about sms and virtual purchases.

As soon as it would be possible, we'll add it.

Wednesday 22/08/2007, 17:56

I see there is a reason for the brazils, but what about South Africa

Wednesday 22/08/2007, 18:29

What about Serbia? We are not such important as Brasil but you also have a few loyal players who would exchange a lot of real money for your virtual Clintz.. maybe you can arrange by a phone call or sms? Thank you!

Wednesday 22/08/2007, 19:04

Indonesia please

Wednesday 22/08/2007, 19:13

Again, we cannot do anything to make it happen faster smiley

Wednesday 22/08/2007, 20:26

My sincere thanks to Administration for adding SMS payment in Russia! It really makes buying credits much easier for me!

Wednesday 22/08/2007, 22:02

Indonesian Please

Thursday 23/08/2007, 03:03

Anyway, i just hope it happens,

happening in a week, two, a month, two months, no problem!
as long as it happens, it good =D

(and Brazil is so problematic with these things xD)


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