offline Mac_Leod Colossus Cocounts Island
Sunday 28/01/2007, 12:52

For those who would not have received the newsletter of January, in here is an extract or are officially announced the new to collector :

Summary :

Especially since the cards of the BD of the Publishing Sun is distributed in the packs only during 6 months! The cards of Kookaburra will thus go out of the distribution in March, then in April it will be in the tour of those of the Mysteries, et cetera %u2026 Be far-sighted!

Good Game !!!

offline AoEM Tarr Legend Army of Elite Mercenaries
Saturday 03/02/2007, 18:26

I agree with Bloodmoor cos there are thousands of Ombre Thaumaturge etc. cards that are brand new... but cards like DJ Korr, Sum Sam etc. - there are maybe few hundred of them - so if those Soleil cards will go collector there will be two types of Cr cards - the old ones and the new ones with a huge price difference and it will take many months maybe even years to put those group together... i ve bought about 10 cards from each except Marlysa and Dragan so well see if I make some profit... i hope it will be enough to buy at least one "old" Cr card...

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Monday 05/02/2007, 04:20

Lol, maybe they might return like Berserkgirl, haha! GGs! smiley

offline CrimsonWaltz Guru Anarchist
Monday 05/02/2007, 11:24

Can you explain my head is spinning

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Monday 05/02/2007, 19:06

Pinagusapan namin na meron mga CR cards like Berserkgirl and Kiki that made a come back but in a weaker package to their ancestral birth. Gets? parang, Kiki was 8/8 now he's a 7/8. They can weaken the Solei cards if ever they return after being CR. So i see it fit to buy them as their original state and also because i see alot of potential in this game so lets say im saving my Alpha Psionic Blast till it gets hella expensive, hehe!
GGs bro! smiley

offline AoEM Tarr Legend Army of Elite Mercenaries
Tuesday 06/02/2007, 12:56

Well actually Berserkgirl is much more stronger than original Berserkgirl Cr (the new one has the 3 damage ability) and Kiki Cr is much more stronger than new Kiki cos its not just difference in power - Kiki is 4/8 with ability power 3 (which is much worse than 7/smiley and Kiki Cr has -4 opp attack min 1

and i think that if soleils will ever return it will take a lot of time - but in my opinion soleils now are quite playable and there are lots of them so there no need to print them again soon...

btw you should have said Alpha Black Lotus - has much more than Psionic Blast i think

offline ACESWOLF Guru ACESWOLF Guild
Tuesday 06/02/2007, 17:15

smileysmileysmiley I LOVE IT I CAN'T WAIT till they hit the roof.smileysmileysmiley

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Tuesday 06/02/2007, 19:07

Naaah... Psionic Blast is the right term.. would you compare a Dragan to a Black Lotus, a Black Lotus is a DJ Korr Cr in this game,
GGs! smiley
and yeah... i can't wait till their prices reach to roof, hehe! smiley

offline TouchMeSoftly Hero Code of Chivalry
Thursday 08/02/2007, 00:07


offline 0- JP PI Master NOYP!
Monday 26/02/2007, 13:59

I find it weird.. why are the Solei prices dropping? I bought my Solei cards, expensive i might add, but 2-3 weeks after their prices dropped.
Will the whole Solei set be CR, seriously? or just some selected cards by the Admin? smiley

offline Obey Giant Imperator  
Monday 26/02/2007, 14:07

ALL OF THEM JP....if they cheaper lap them up lol go buy buy buy thats what im doing i already have 5 Ombre's and like 6 Jim's

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