Wednesday 15/11/2006, 15:37

In addition to the new look and the new theme of the main message board, we added rss feeds for themes and subjects..
You can now follow the message board more easily if you are an rss addict (and I know that at least one of you is smiley).

Wednesday 15/11/2006, 15:43

Oh yeah... whats RSS? (LOL)

Wednesday 15/11/2006, 16:24

Yeah, what's RSS ? O__O

Wednesday 15/11/2006, 16:41

Get more info from wikipedia:

Thursday 16/11/2006, 04:33

RSS is a kind of a software you download for free that gets it's feeds from news or forum sites. You can read news, forums etc. from sites which have RSS. By the way Fraggle, the feeds from the Urban Rivals site is working for me, so is the message board feeds but there seems to be a problem on the Guild Message Board feed. I can't get thru it. I'm using active web reader.

Friday 17/11/2006, 16:49

Nano, you need to send a support ticket to

RSS is a software technology not a software application. The software application simply reads the technology. It's a lot like email and bear-share.

Saturday 18/11/2006, 11:50

Cool bearshare im using it gnutella rocks!


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