offline Fraggle Titan Open Casket
Monday 07/05/2007, 14:45

Hello dear UK players,

It seems that the UK txt-msg number to get credits at the shop has been quite unreliable.
So, after talking to Allopass, we changed the number and the price (from 2 GBP to 1.5 GBP).
Hopefully, it will be 100% reliable now.
As usual, if you have any problem to get your credits at the shop, feel free to contact us using customer support (last tab at the top of any page).

offline 6SimS-Sven Guru UTOPiA
Monday 07/05/2007, 14:57

How i wish theres one on philippinessmiley

offline Collector_HM Guru Pit Viper
Tuesday 08/05/2007, 07:53

And sa

offline Lynxx Lancer Master  
Tuesday 08/05/2007, 13:56

I also wish too... By using smart money, g cash, western union or something excluding visa and paypal..

offline Fraggle Titan Open Casket
Tuesday 08/05/2007, 15:32

Lynxx: our PayByCash system allows you to use something different than Visa and/or Paypal.

offline Jerre Muesli Titan  
Wednesday 09/05/2007, 08:58

Wow.. i want the price difference for belgium to smiley

offline 0 Wiivja Titan  
Wednesday 09/05/2007, 17:14

Why is it about twice as expensive to buy with txt message in norway than in uk?

offline SKEELZ00 Veteran  
Friday 11/05/2007, 06:03

That is completetly unfair

offline Fraggle Titan Open Casket
Friday 11/05/2007, 11:25

Unfortunatly, prices/credits depends on what's available to use in each country, and % of reversal to our partner and us.
We actually make far less money on norway (for example) than on UK.
We are always working on having each country's pricing as close as possible.

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