Saturday 28/07/2007, 06:20


Starting with today's 12h (paris) tournament, the online player list will be randomized in all "tournaments rooms" and only during tournaments time. This would even the chances to get challenged for everyone and also reduce cheating.

Good games everyone!

Saturday 28/07/2007, 06:29


Saturday 28/07/2007, 07:00

Nice one. Just a Question, they'll still be arranged from A to Z , right? smileysmileysmiley

Saturday 28/07/2007, 07:27

Nice idea, good creative of way of trying to curve coop play

Saturday 28/07/2007, 15:44

But why random still exist?? i really don't understande...

Saturday 28/07/2007, 17:26

Random players-starting the letters/characters in their names,example from alphabetical and symbols
the character "-" will be the first,then the numbers the letter "a" an up to the letter "z" will be the last
but now with tournaments,the names will not be random in order,so everybody has a higher percentage of being challenged
NOT THE RANDOM that involves lucksmiley!

Saturday 28/07/2007, 17:59

Excellent! I've noticed the 'creative' adjustments people have used to get a name near the top of the open window; this gives everyone a chance to be seen-- let the folks with Zs play-on! smiley (as for the co-op play, that is addressed in a different thread--kudos there, too)
To GT_MIE_EVO: *cough* use the Danger Zone *cough* The 'random' is an exciting feature, to keep the battles from becoming a 'ho hum- Let's all use the exact same cards for deck builds', like in any other game.
Monty, who COULD be wrong in thinking games are meant to be fun, yet hopes he's not alone in such thinking.

Sunday 29/07/2007, 00:04

So thats the problem!!! every time i'm going to the danger zone there are few people....

Sunday 29/07/2007, 15:12

Good smiley


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