Friday 01/09/2006, 15:17

Top members of Clint City creatine enhanced sport elite gathered to create the All Stars clan and take control of the city.
Other clans have no choice but to put on a diet and get in shape fast, if they want to stay in the race...
More information very soon.

Friday 01/09/2006, 16:05

The characters aren't up yet, but the jersey looks cool.

Saturday 02/09/2006, 02:25

Could we get a more accurate english translation?

Clint City creatine... no idea what that means....
sport elite... no idea there either...
Not sure if this is a guild thing or card thing...
*is very confused* smiley

Saturday 02/09/2006, 06:08

Duhh sport elita like a team of elite sports player elite meaning really damn goodsmiley

Saturday 02/09/2006, 15:43

Hey thanks Fraggle for using my idea for a new clan, I think they will all kick ass.

Saturday 02/09/2006, 16:41

There is a competitor Clint City newspaper on the web page that pretty much rephrases the Clint City Times Piece.

Kupofather -- give them a break they are not native English speakers read between the lines.

Monday 04/09/2006, 19:28

Haha he told u to read between the lines haha

Monday 04/09/2006, 22:02

Creatine is a substance that some sporters use to enhance theire performances.

That's why Clint City creatine is the sponsor of the clan.

Wednesday 06/09/2006, 14:37

That was cute about the creatine.

Wednesday 06/09/2006, 15:49

It was a reply to Kupofather (post number 3).


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