Friday 13/04/2007, 12:27

The Junta Clan is back to enforce order and discipline. The new arrivals Tank the warrior and Myke the fighter pilot are rallying the troops again. The orders are simple: "Fight!" On the Pussycats side, the sexy stewardess Clara makes her entrance, and she’s very hostile towards men, meanwhile Allan the dance floor king joins the Junkz Clan. The war is on!
All these characters are available in New Blood, Action and Cool Attitude packs in the shop.

Friday 13/04/2007, 12:32

La Junta FTW!!!

Friday 13/04/2007, 12:49

Myke 5/4 -2 opp. power min 2

Friday 13/04/2007, 12:50

My bad 4/4 - 2 opp. power min. 2

Friday 13/04/2007, 12:59

Tank has 6 power and damage of 3 ability:stop ability
Myke i dont know his last stats i think its 6 power and 1 damage....ability -2 power min. 2
Clara and Allan i still dont knowsmiley

Friday 13/04/2007, 14:17

OMG smiley
Allan (C) have no ability...
So sad T.T
But two stars n 5 3, maybe can do something in ELO
The price will free fall soon ='='

Friday 13/04/2007, 18:37

Clara has 8 powr and 5 damage at 5th lvl
Ability - Stop Opp. Bonus

Saturday 14/04/2007, 12:24

Clara not only replaces Wanda for ELO...she surpasses her.Hmm....wonder how long before the cry is out to ban her too?LOL

Saturday 14/04/2007, 14:41

The lunta recluted good maggets smiley

Saturday 14/04/2007, 19:35

Err... Clara is in no way a replacement for Wanda. Why ? Because Wanda has 8 power on level 1. And it's a huge difference to Clara who is getting her 8 power at level 4. Granted, Clara has a useful ability and more damage, but she needs to be fully evolved to enable all that.

After all, Clara is a good card to stand up against Lamar, Dorian and SkrummxxT.


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