offline Dr.Ido Titan  
Friday 11/05/2007, 09:16

SMS payment is now available in Australia an Canada. Simply click on SMS in the shop page to knwo all the details.


offline Oisin Master  
Friday 11/05/2007, 16:31

Will it ever be available in south america?

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Friday 11/05/2007, 17:08

Actually yes smiley
Allopass (our sms/phone provider) is doing some final testing and we should open some South American countries very soon (unfortunatly, not brazil yet... :/)

Generally speaking, we DO want to provide SMS/Phone everywhere, but some countries refuse it totally (SMS in italy for example) or are not yet ready. If you know any gaming website that provide SMS/phone payment in a country that we do not support, please send us an email with a link to the website.

offline AOD Teh0n3 Master Army of Darkness
Saturday 12/05/2007, 10:08

Hey what about Slovenia i'm in need of some major credits and please make it like this 2€/40 credits please!!!!!

offline 0 Wiivja Titan  
Saturday 12/05/2007, 15:42

I pay almost 5euro for 40 credits in norway

offline weter Veteran Alpha Flight
Sunday 13/05/2007, 02:04

This is good and all but can you please fix canadas ophning because it does it in other languages it doesnt say anything proper can you make like a certain phone number just for english or somthing

offline Collector_HM Guru Pit Viper
Sunday 13/05/2007, 11:26

And what about south africa, i no iv asked this before but that was like in the begining of the year so please update me on my country are they still refusing or are the makin progress

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Sunday 13/05/2007, 12:37

Why are all the costs different in different countries?

0 Wiivja pays 5€/40credits(norway), i pay 3€/40(belgium)credits and United Kingdom pays 2.5€/40credits...
Is it fair to make people pay much more just so you can get your cut of the deal? I think this game is a goldmine annyway, so why not make people pay the same amount for the same amount of credits...smiley

offline 0 Wiivja Titan  
Monday 14/05/2007, 06:09

I find it a bit unfair. Alot of players dont have a credit card. Not that I use the SMS payment anyway, but alot of players do

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Monday 14/05/2007, 06:49

As I said, various countries are just not ready for SMS payment yet. We are working hard on opening new places.
Prices depends on a) a great deal on country sms+ volume (our partner does get a much better deal on france than poland for example), b) also country "cost of life" (I'm not sure I spelled it right). c) phone operator "share" (wich can be up to 70%!!!)

We are always trying to improve the prices and be sure we do want to open as many countries as possible.

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