offline Anonrex Master  
Sunday 14/11/2010, 18:57

hi all, give me comments =) im running a full mont deck just as the above link. comments pls =)

offline Soltis Novice  
Sunday 14/11/2010, 19:49

Oh! Hey, question. This has bugged me for some time now.

When you click his link, the thing at the top says "valid for ELO." Then you look at Mona and Tino, and they've got an "ELO invalid" symbol.

Which is it?

OP: When you build a deck, build it with other decks in mind. What are you going to do when you draw Ottavia, Oscar, Prince Jr, and Spiaghi against, say, Nightmare? I know you want to lose with Tino and All-in with Avola, but when you meet Uranus that's gonna backfire. One combo decks are fun when the combo works, but the rest of your deck needs to stand on it's own as well. Consider Gianfranco instead of Ottavia, as he's going to help a lot with SoB. After that, all I know is that I highly enjoyed running Fabio and Mona when I did Montana because of that ridiculous gap they made in attack points during a 3-4 pill fight when they smashed 6-7 pilled guys.

I'm not a fan of cards that lose on purpose like Tino and Orlok because I'm always thinking "well what if they call it and 0 pill win, and then the next guy they send is a 12 pill instant win doomsday?" At that point, you're just guessing. You'd end up 12 pilling a 0 pill bluff, and then losing the next two rounds. Possibly.

That's not a solid enough strategy in my eyes.

offline Anonrex Master  
Monday 15/11/2010, 03:09

Current elo week, tino and mona is player-banned. that's y the elo invalid pill =)

both fabio and mona kinda expensive for me. imma newbie haha.

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