Sunday 28/01/2007, 12:52

For those who would not have received the newsletter of January, in here is an extract or are officially announced the new to collector :

Summary :

Especially since the cards of the BD of the Publishing Sun is distributed in the packs only during 6 months! The cards of Kookaburra will thus go out of the distribution in March, then in April it will be in the tour of those of the Mysteries, et cetera %u2026 Be far-sighted!

Good Game !!!

Monday 29/01/2007, 01:51

Nope didn't get that one. Err, what does it all mean?smiley

Monday 29/01/2007, 12:06

What it means dude is that the characters that are made under the Soleil name is soon going to be click on Ombre than check the sun on his rite now all characters that have that loggo will soon be rares or Cr

Monday 29/01/2007, 12:10

He will be Cr as indicates it Evo_finga K9.

Monday 29/01/2007, 17:40

But still dont know which one will be cr?or all will be cr?thx

Monday 29/01/2007, 20:04

Does that mean all my sun cards will turn into CR, if so I'll be rich i have like 10 of them smiley

Tuesday 30/01/2007, 01:17

Some one please put up a Solei sale asap!

Tuesday 30/01/2007, 03:48

Soleil. card? I dont understand what are " The cards of Kookaburra " then? are they the same thing? Im confused....smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Tuesday 30/01/2007, 05:36

Yip that is correct Ravnica evo & Katzraider it will take a few weeks for there prices to sky Rocket but as they will no longer be obtainable in packs they are sure to become Crsmiley

good games always

Tuesday 30/01/2007, 05:59

Yo Mac Leod could you please tell me which cards are from the Arcanes edition i cant seem to figure out who they aresmiley


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