offline Dr Ido Master  
Monday 12/06/2006, 13:44

We have decided to change the prize structure for the daily tournament. Currently, only the first 3 players receive significative amount of Clintz, and eveyone elese only gets a small bonus. We will give less to the first and more to the 25 first players. The Clintz jackpot will still starts at 1000 Clintz and grow after each battle (we multiply the Clintz earn at each battle by 2 and we add them to the Jackpot). The winner of the tournament will receive 10% of the Jackpot, then, 5% for the 2nd, 3% for the 3rd, 2% for everyon from 4th to 10th and 1% for everyone from 11th to 25th. This way, the tournaments should be much more fun for everyone and not just the very best one. Of course, everyone who ends up in the first half will still reveive one credit.

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