offline Yakov Draken Senior  
Saturday 23/10/2010, 10:46

Hey all,

I would greatly appreciate some advice on my Jungo deck for T1. I am a nub (been playing 2 days) so there is much I don't understand.

Here is my deck (2 tourny outtings for ~200th place finishings out of ~2000):
Askai (5*), Buba (4*), Greow (4*), Radek (3*), Odile (3*), Mindy (2*), Pegh (2*), Wendy (2*)

From what I've read on here I have too high a star count for getting good scoring in DT's. Drop Askai for Borss?

Is Jungo a good deck for DT T1?

I had no idea of how tourny scoring worked before but I have a decent grasp now.

I'm looking at getting another deck and I want something suited to fast games and with strong low star characters. I've read Uppers are good at this but they appeal a whole lot so what others? Is a two clan deck a good idea?

I have a bit over 4000 glints for buying the deck and I could probably raise another 1K or so selling dudes.

Help appreciated!

offline Yakov Draken Senior  
Saturday 23/10/2010, 12:07

Couple of things:

I missed the "don't" in relating to the appeal of Uppers - they don't much appeal thematically though they look pretty strong.

Is Jungo a good deck for ELO? For Survivor Elo? Death Match?

It would be good if between the next deck I build and my Jungo deck I have good decks for most of the match types.

offline gcttirth Master Fair Tigers
Saturday 23/10/2010, 22:18

ELO : YES ! I have got 1412 ELO , mono jungo ! No leader !
Survivor : My highest is 14, but they do have potential.
DM : Yes, any deck goes in DM .. IMO
DT T1 : Can rank

offline Yakov Draken Senior  
Saturday 23/10/2010, 23:39

Thanks GC! Any advice on my deck composition?

I'd still love to get some advice on a good second deck thats going to be strong in DT T1. I've read lots of threads about decks but mostly they are just lists of characters and I just can't find much useful advice on deck building.

offline gcttirth Master Fair Tigers
Sunday 24/10/2010, 01:13

ELO / Survivor :
Askai ( Replace with Ongh when Askai is banned )
Buba ( I had Sylth here smiley )
Jalil ( My choice, can KO ) / Nyema
Radek ( If banned, use Nyema )
Boohma ( MUST HAVE CARD !! )
1* Scopica

This is the deck that got me 1412 ELO , preset here : ╚»ŤĤĔ ĞĂŤĤĔŔĨŃĞ ŚŤŐŔМ «╝

DT :
Attack Manipulation = BOSS of DT

I prefer Rescue here. They have great 2 and 3 star cards.

I have ranked 38th after starting 20 minutes late. My deck was .. first 8 cards of rescue of market page !! I had played in random, pilling the common 3 pillz each.

I have also ranked 2nd with a quality Rescue deck. Remember, DT is nothing, just a race, simply play fast.

And, there are no DECK BUILDING guide. You just know your strategy, then get cards for that, and then blast off ! smiley

offline Yakov Draken Senior  
Sunday 24/10/2010, 01:49

Thanks again. Been thinking seriously about Rescue and I think I'll give them a try. Wish I could afford Alec Cr - played against awesome deck using him just before.

So playing fast is not so important in ELO? I can't play in ELO yet (12th lvl) but I look forward to it. The whole play fast, get quick kills, seems a little chessy.

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