Thursday 08/02/2007, 17:10


In order to support players who wish to evolve quickly their characters and who are annoyed by the unfairness of some others, we have changed the rules in the Lost Warehouse.
From now on, the sum of the XP won for a round ( 25% bonus) is split between the 2 characters in equals shares.
Level up bonus are active, battle result xp and battles points are as usual but there is no battle points per round and no KO bonus.

We hope you'll enjoy theses new rules. smiley

Thursday 08/02/2007, 17:33

Can we have another room that acts like the old Lost Warehouse during tournament hours? I'm trying to evo a bunch of characters to within 100 XP of max level and the 25% bonus makes it hard for me to track their progress reliably. . .

Thursday 08/02/2007, 17:35

Actually, we don't want to create too many rooms too fast (what's the point of an empty room ? smiley)
However, we plan to allow more flexibilty in the futur. smiley

Thursday 08/02/2007, 18:00

Ah finally now i dont have to worry about getting my ass kicked by those players playing with no evolve cards in the warehouse. Good job!smiley

Friday 09/02/2007, 00:44

GJ & GGs! smiley

Friday 09/02/2007, 12:13

Can say only one thing. Bravo smiley

Monday 12/02/2007, 19:51

This is a great change. Keep it up.


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