offline pumpkin Guru  
Tuesday 29/05/2007, 15:47

We're launching three new features today:

New Deck UI - There are new controls on "My Deck" that make Deck maintenance easier and more intuitive.
Messaging - You can now receive messages from people on your friends list even if you have refused private messages globally.
New Game Client - The new version of the client allows you to challenge and message other players with just one click. You can also play Urban Rivals in a popup. On the game page choose to play it in normal mode or in a small medium or large popup. Gameplay is the same, it just gives you more options and is very handy for people with small screens. If you have a popup blocker on your browser you may have to set in the list of allowed sites.

offline Collector_HM Guru Pit Viper
Saturday 09/06/2007, 15:34

Well im sure what i said above should be replied to by all players and admin

offline 0 Prophet-Cr Colossus  
Saturday 09/06/2007, 16:57

What did u mean when it said player abuse? u get what u pay for smiley

offline Diplo_ Colossus  
Sunday 10/06/2007, 05:12

@ Tupac EVO: if it was only 15 credits, noone would buy full decks anymore, because you wold get 9 chars for 45 credits (3 rainbow packs) instead of 8 cards for 50 credits (1 Full Deck)

offline AOD Teh0n3 Master Army of Darkness
Sunday 10/06/2007, 07:11

All packs should be cheaper like the full deck 40 credits and the other 15 except the newblood 20credits!!! that's fair

offline Collector_HM Guru Pit Viper
Sunday 10/06/2007, 09:46

Yes but a full deck is garanteed of a 5 star card. rainbow is garanteed of 3 cards from any clan. put it this way who has bought the rainbow deck plz post here what cards u got out out that deck

offline DarknDemonic Guru Army of Darkness
Monday 11/06/2007, 13:45

Hey Fraggle,
is there any chance in the NEAR future of the clintz pack being brought back?
or is it an indefinent change, with it not ever coming back.

offline weter Veteran Alpha Flight
Wednesday 13/06/2007, 00:26


offline pokon lover Veteran  
Wednesday 13/06/2007, 16:27

Yeah if I get a double I can't sell it.Could you maybe allow peaple to sell cards once they have bought a pack or something.I used to buy 1000 clitz packs so I could get what i wanted.Now I might get a double thats worthless to me.Could you do something to help peaple in my situation?

offline Collector_HM Guru Pit Viper
Wednesday 13/06/2007, 17:53

@ Pokemon lover - you have to purchase credits VIA SMS,Phone,credit card, PayPal or internet plus credits won during tournaments do not count as buying credits if u buy a pack at the shop.

offline Collector_HM Guru Pit Viper
Wednesday 13/06/2007, 18:19

I can see that no admins are reply to any of this so please close this post

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