offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Tuesday 01/08/2006, 12:26

In order to fight agains't unfair players who let the games run out, each player unfairness will be evaluated at the end of the day.
We take account expired games on your turn vs fully played games.

Example: if I play 100 games and let 10 run out, I will have a value of 10.

Values between 0 and 5 (inc) will be considered "green".
Values between 5 and 10 (inc) will be considered "orange".
Values above 10 will be considered "red"

Thoses colors will appear very soon in the players list and on every player's profile.

offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 02/08/2006, 09:58

Actually Fraggle you seem to underestimate the usefulness of just hanging around not answering challenges. What I've often seen done is guild members or friends will assist one of their own when they're doing poorly, and the other is doing well by just existing as "bait". I know of several people who do this already, as I've seen them do this during several tournaments from personal experience.

What happens is the "bait" person usually someone higher level, just sits around and fails to answer challenges. This holds up other people who are in the tournament, because they're on a timer waiting for their challenge to be answered. I would assume there's more to this scheme, since that alone accomplishes little. What I would guess is happening is that these "bait" people only answer one or two people's challenge, and purposely lose to them gaining their guildmates and friends, major points.

Now certainly the newly installed system has made some leaps and strides towards making the tournaments more fair. I've already seen improvements in todays tournaments. But nailing the idlers and people failing to answer challenge will put the final nails in the coffin of the cheaters who would have to go through elaborate means just to ensue that they can cheat their way to winning. Sure someone will find a way, but it makes it a lot harder.

offline Coure Guru FairPlayers
Wednesday 02/08/2006, 11:08

Sounds like you are doing the best you can Fraggle. Keep up the good work =)

offline Rebooth Veteran  
Friday 11/08/2006, 14:37

On my side, i am always experiencing connection time out on my internet connection.... that is why ... the games run out..honestly it is not intended to happen.. what shall i do now?

offline Rebooth Veteran  
Friday 11/08/2006, 14:43

How will i regain my fair playing game back to normal? please help me ... the reason why is that my reason is having Internet connection timeout

offline Tyberriuss Senior Spirit
Saturday 12/08/2006, 06:43

Quite simple: if you get a red face for letting 10% of your battles time out and let's say you let 10 battles out of 100 time out then to reach 1% you would have to fight 1000 ( another 900 ) clean matches and then you would have 10 time-outed fights out of 1000 which means about 1% time-outed fights

Simple, Right? smiley

offline Coure Guru FairPlayers
Saturday 12/08/2006, 17:54

And, sorry to say, it is just as annoying no matter why it is timing out

offline Ultima20X6 Senior  
Saturday 23/09/2006, 10:46

I think you have to really slap down on deliberate timeouts, because in tournaments you get jerks who timeout on last card when they will definitely lose.(3% chance to cause a draw) someguy drew out 20 minutes of tournament time because he wasn't winning.

offline TouchMeSoftly Hero Code of Chivalry
Monday 25/09/2006, 15:07

I guess the guild 6SIMS is over LOL

offline TouchMeSoftly Hero Code of Chivalry
Monday 25/09/2006, 15:07


offline The Unkown Imperator  
Sunday 01/10/2006, 23:18

Really is there guild over that would be exciting.

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