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Time Expiring ... Help

Time Expiring ... Help
Monday 30/08/2010, 17:07
kukaratza - Master Español

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Time Expiring ... Help
kukaratza - Master Español - Monday 30/08/2010, 17:07

Hi everybody , every time I start playing in Tournament mode, i start the game, select my card and says "chexk tour internet conection", after selecting mycard and pillz multiple time my time expires and either lose the battle or ,most o the times, ends as a draw. This happens in diferent places so i dont think is my conection, i use an itouch. Thank you

Krahhl - Veteran English
Wednesday 01/09/2010, 02:52

I've encountered problems with it saying check your internet connection and the data could not be downloaded or whatever multiple times, even though there seems to be nothing wrong with my internet. I don't know if it's Urban Rivals being sketchy or something else.

Also, if a battle ends by time-out on an itouch, it seems to say the battle was a draw even though the results are as if one side won.
All-GioYNWA - Novice Português
Wednesday 01/09/2010, 10:35

I've been having a couple of connection problems on UR too, seems to me the servers are not handling all the data being transferred.
Murda_Muzik - Legend - Der innere Kreis Deutsch
Tuesday 07/09/2010, 18:34

Every day connection problems
fuczak - Imperator English
Tuesday 07/09/2010, 19:43

It happens to me too. Whole site becomes so utterly slow during the most crowded Daily tournaments. You can easily tell that most if not all players are encountering similar problems - just check scores of the best players of aforementioned tournaments. They are significantly lower than let's say few days ago at around same time. I am really looking forward for Admins to explain that.
DS_coolasc - Imperator - ★ĐaяӄŠonş XIII★ Português
Tuesday 07/09/2010, 23:22

Ya getting even lots of times "service unavailable" when trying to go into the main UR page even if half second before was perfect, sometimes lasts hours
potatoducky - Imperator English
Wednesday 15/09/2010, 15:49

So not just me
Saturday 18/09/2010, 10:37

Glad to see it's not just me dealing with this; I play on my iPhone. Is it just me or was it not this bad before the lat app "Upgrade"?
Hobbitusz - Legend - Open Casket English
Saturday 18/09/2010, 12:21

The general solution to such problems is to clean the cache of your broser, update the flash and java versions, and restart the browser.
In 90% of the cases it solves the problem.

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