offline Ariakan WMD Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 04/01/2011, 18:13

The new version of UR has just arrived. It contains quite a few options that can be disabled to make games quicker. The key to doing well in DT is speed. If everyone optimises the UR client for speed they should do better in DT. More Speed = More games = More Points.

Here are the options you can activate/deactivate to speed things up a little:

Speed x2 - make sure this is turned on.
Additional animations - in the options menu of the game - once ingame this menu can be accessed by pressing the cog icon in the bottom right hand corner. Make sure there is a tick in the speed up animations box and remove the tick from the tick from the show ability effects.

Adjusting these options will make for faster gameplay - this alone will not ensure DT success but it will help. The faster you play games the better you will do - win or lose if you do it fast you will gain more points overall.

offline 0 Romane Guru FLiCKERS
Monday 10/01/2011, 01:56

I think as2 is still faster...

offline rogueSleipnir Guru URBAN MADNESS
Monday 10/01/2011, 05:56

Yeah. AS3 feels so weird. Animations are too smooth/slow?
There's a lot of unnecessary sliding. I like the snapping feel of the AS2 client.

Also, the music is nerve-wracking. It ticks me off.

AS2 feels faster still. Just the combat alone, AS2 finishes faster.

offline 0 Romane Guru FLiCKERS
Monday 10/01/2011, 09:48

I completely agree with sleipnir smiley

offline zebac_OC Hero  
Tuesday 11/01/2011, 02:49

AS3 shows too much stuff, which takes longer. And theirs just more buttons to press aswell.

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