offline drag555 Senior  
Wednesday 20/10/2010, 03:14

Ok so I think people who get above 100 points in a tournament should have priority to play against players who also are above that margine. Fighting with players below that number of points is endless not only their timer runs slow, but often their moves are dreadfully long. A battle with such player can last up to 7 minutes >< I fought that. It is quite unfair if you are compeating for a top spot, and we all know every minute counts. I also have some problems with data transfer from time to time I don't know if it's a server issue or mine connection.

I'm quite sure it's been brought up once or twice but this message board is not easy to maneuver in so forgive me.

offline -Wicer- Titan Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 20/10/2010, 04:28

If you play against players with less points then 100 then you won't get a smaller amount of allotted time.

Players who play against each other with over 100 points have less time. Sadly you get paired with slow opps so try to rack in more points.

You could just be unlucky.

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