offline vytalibus Hero  
Monday 26/07/2010, 06:36

I know this has little to do with tactics and strategies, but I figured this is the best place to put this.

I'm just wondering if people around here follow some sort of "code" when playing DT. For example, when in a battle that you can't absolutely win (maybe the life gap is just impossible to overcome), you finish up as quickly as you can for both you and your opponent. Or maybe you always leave a message saying "good luck on your DT run" on every opponent. It could be something that you do for yourself, or for others.

Do note that what I'm looking for are stuff that you do just to make DT enjoyable. I want to see if the players around here hold some sort of "manners" while playing.

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Monday 26/07/2010, 07:17

Leaving a message takes up time... dont do it.

unwinnable fights need to be ended ASAP.

offline Agito_King Guru D-Versified
Monday 26/07/2010, 08:40

It wastes time. Really I guess it is proper manners to say something after a battle but most probably, you don't know any of these people. DTs are extremely competitive and you won't see a player playing nice.
But I guess if you want to leave a message do it properly. I mean take for example, Starcraft, most players will respect you if you write correctly in the chat or anywhere. This is simply because they see that you are taking the time to talk and see you as a very talented player who can talk while playing the game.
I wouldn't advise you to leave a message after when you are playing for a top finish, but if you want to go slow, then leave a message.

offline metric302 Hero  
Monday 26/07/2010, 09:51

I usually do the "gg" phrase at the end of some games, though im not sure if they actually read them but ehh. I only refuse to gg with those that just sit there and let the clock run out when they know they have no way of winning. In those situations im just like "Really?" Thankfully they dont happen often.

offline JEDI-Matchu Titan Le Nouvel Ordre Jedi
Monday 26/07/2010, 13:42

Sometime a "Gg" when the battle was interresting but that's all
If I can't absolutely win the battle I sometime "sacrifice" my 4 or 5st in order that my opponent gets more battle points except if is playing a survivor deck...

offline vytalibus Hero  
Monday 26/07/2010, 17:57

Yeah, I hate it when your opponent intentionally wastes your time when there isn't much they could do (it's rather prevalent in Round 3-4, even), but I can see where people are going to when they say leaving a message is kind of a hassle in such a competitive environment. Still, it's nice to see we're all aware of these, and probably more.

offline Rage Titan  
Thursday 29/07/2010, 18:52

The best DT etiquette to have is to play fast during the dt... and then after the hour is done, your always more then welcome to message the players you played against.

Usually after playing DTs' for awhile you accumulate a lot of players on your friends list who also play DTs. If you see them win the DT or top 5 it's always nice to tell them congrats, or if you played against them comment on their game play.

The heavy DT players usually just congrat each other for a dt win only. If you play enough you'll eventually get to that point as well.

Best of luck to you!

offline BONECUTTA Master  
Monday 02/08/2010, 11:55

Ease up its good manners and what is two or three words when you sit on the computer for hours on end anyway

take the 5 seconds its not like you can win a battle in 5 seconds anyway

and also play fast and also win and also smiley

offline epayne WMD Hero  
Monday 02/08/2010, 16:55

I really don't understand why people waste time in DT, it makes me ragesmiley

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