offline hotwheelin Guru  
Monday 25/10/2010, 04:46

I have a question. i have recently started using a split deck of roots and la junta. ive played about 15 matches with the split deack and everytime i keep getting my cards bonuses and abilitys X'ed out when the opposing card has no SOA or SOB. can anyonw tell me whats going on???

please help

offline -Wicer- Titan Harbingers of Ares
Tuesday 26/10/2010, 23:11

Okay, there are a few possible answers so I will try to get to them all.

1st possible problem. You are very, very unlucky and get 3/1 splits. Meaning that one card will not have a bonus.

Secondly, you could be running into Skeelz which negate SoA because it doesn't affect them.

You might be running into SoB or SoA as an ability or bonus and not be aware.

Maybe you could get a screen shot or post the deck you use and clans used against you (if you remember) and you could get further help from there. smiley

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