offline Toxziq Hero  
Wednesday 12/05/2010, 19:10

I see my friends online, but can't find a link to challenge them directly... Sorry for the newb question...

offline RAMZYXUK Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 26/11/2014, 14:39

I reckon somoene should make a event no prizes no nothing but just for playing against eachother ?

offline {Titan} Senior URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 26/11/2014, 18:52

Actually you can create a room. if you are over level 40 you can create an event and control the deck format and only let certain people in or whatever you want

offline T-33950 Novice  
Thursday 27/11/2014, 09:30

Yes but he is level 12 so he cant make an event

offline {Titan} Senior URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 27/11/2014, 14:11

That is why I said once you are over level 40

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