Sunday 13/06/2010, 14:07

The only ones i can think of are Griezzo and Nobrocybix.

so that's why i'm asking you top ten most overpriced cards in urban rivals.

Thursday 17/06/2010, 15:06

Steve. 3.5k for a weak DR just because he's rare and in Rescue.

Thursday 17/06/2010, 15:10

Steve can both attack and defend for his nice damage. He makes your opponent spend pillz to reduce their damage. Kinda like Uranus.

Thursday 17/06/2010, 15:12

Steve is rare....and a good bluff

Thursday 17/06/2010, 16:42

But that's the thing. Steve's not a good bluff. I don't think I've ever seen him with more than one pill. And he doesn't wall nearly as well for his clan as Spiaghi or Veenyle do for theirs. He's good, but not 3.5k good.

Thursday 17/06/2010, 16:51

He's rescue's best dr, only 2* and that's why he's in every Rescue deck, thus expensive.

Thursday 17/06/2010, 16:57

Best? what about slyde? if i remember right, there is always space for a few 3* in a Rescue deck.

Thursday 17/06/2010, 17:51

Slyde is one more damage, one more dr for one more star. I would still pick Steve for his star count. No space if you're using Kerry, Glosh and Sledg.

Thursday 17/06/2010, 17:56

All-Stars: I don't believe anyone is really overpriced. Striker is their best non Cr card and is worth it.

Bangers: Shogunn

Fang Pi Clang: Ryuichi, Lost Hog

Freaks: All are cheap, but if I had to pick it would be Crassus and Akendram


Jungo: Like others said. Most Jungos

Junkz: Gil

La Junta: None really stick out. Emeth and Jane Ramba maybe by a couple thousand, but both well worth it if you play La Junta

Montana: Griezzo

Nightmare: Kolos, Kenny. Seems they are only that high because of Cr speculation. I say Kolos is overpriced by at least 10k, Kenny by at least 5k. Totally worth it IF one actually goes Cr though smiley

Piranas: Hawkins

Pussycats: Maybe Charlie, but not by much

Rescue: Steve

Roots: Arno

Sakrohm: To me nothing really sticks out

Sentinel: Chloe, Melvin, William!

Skeelz: Jay, Praxie, Corvus. Caelus stays. He's one of the best cards in UR. He's worth it.

Ulu Watu: Tana by about 10K, Wee Lee by maybe 5k, Lulabee

Uppers: Don't really see a problem with the prices. Jackie and Zatman are worth it

Thursday 17/06/2010, 19:41

Oh wait.....Lin Xia IS a bit overrated smiley
But why u hating on Jungo?

Thursday 17/06/2010, 20:55

It's like what BD_subclavian said on comment #58, it's bec of Cr speculation and rumors. Many of the Jungo should not be as high as they are. I can live with some of the prices but a couple obvious ones are Ongh and Sylth (I can live with 10K each though). Kreen, Bragh, Chill and Greow are REDICULOUSLY higher than they should be. Niva is a bit high too, but to me she's not severly overpriced as the ones previously said.


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