offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 05/10/2010, 11:35

Hello all,

I’ve heard that some matches in DM are not taken into account and others are considered as abandoned when it’s your opponent who left.

This problem within the code is very difficult to locate that’s why I’d like you to give me as much details as you can.

The details I need:
Your browser.
Detailed description of what you were doing (during the match but also if you were doing something else on the site, if you were downloading something, etc.)
A screenshot, during the forfeit if it’s possible.
In which mode you were playing.
Your connection : wifi or ethernet and what was its status at that moment.
All information you have.

No off-board comments please.

Thanks for your help smiley

offline CrazyDiamond8 Titan  
Wednesday 25/04/2012, 12:52

I still have the problem that i loose rounds that i should have won, and vice versa, i win rounds when i should have lost. This happens quite often and makes the game rather dull.


offline -DustStorm- Imperator Open Casket
Wednesday 25/04/2012, 13:02

@CD: Are you sure you're not playing with random on? -.^

offline Hecules Veteran  
Thursday 26/04/2012, 04:22

I lost several times by timeout. But the fact ws that I selected the card and pills, It go back to unselected and give me a "chance" to select again after a few seconds. Another case was that I select the card before timeout, but it didn't load to the fighting screen and count me as lost by timeout.
This situations were just happened in these weeks. I had not face it before.smiley

offline Efilnikufecin Hero Raining Fire
Sunday 29/04/2012, 10:15

Almost all matches dont' score right. i'll have more attack points and lose, or less and win. makes no sense. what's going on?

offline -DustStorm- Imperator Open Casket
Sunday 29/04/2012, 13:31

You have random on. Goto your profile, preferences, and under one of the options, there should be something about random. Switch it to no random.

offline Firestorm191 Hero  
Monday 30/04/2012, 03:09

19:01 Elo you narrowly escaped from Shade_Cr, TIW ACCADEMY (7-4): 1035 ELO
18:54 Elo you narrowly escaped from Daniel.Freland, Cacciatori di Teste (4-2): 1035 ELO
18:41 Elo you won by timeout against John Shing (5-10): 1035 ELO
18:36 Elo you were annihilated by roleakim, WorldandMondesGuilde (0-14): 1035 ELO
18:33 Elo you beat Velkir (11-7): 1035 ELO
18:29 Elo you narrowly escaped from cerrillos (9-6): 1035 ELO
WTF? why isnt my elo going up/down?

offline Firestorm191 Hero  
Monday 30/04/2012, 03:24

OK, i played another game in elo:

19:23 Elo you crushed Zvk Cr, Pionniers du Québec (11-0): 1000 ELO


offline -Bakuryu Senior  
Monday 30/04/2012, 04:52

Are you playing on a mobile device?

offline Zoidberg1 Legend the courtyard of shadows
Monday 30/04/2012, 20:49


There is a 2 hour or so reset to ELO at that time for the end of the week, play again today and it will be ok

The Deck selector is still not working properly I am still facing opponents with 19 star hands with a 24 star deck! Are there any updates on when this will be sorted out, maybe a simplification to get it working is in order until a proper solution can be found, Like just based on the number of stars in your deck

offline FoFPrinnyDood Titan Friends Of Fate
Monday 30/04/2012, 23:16

@gRe4tEr_IM: the elo week ends at exactly 6:00 pm on sunday night (unless you're in another time zone), and after that there is always a "freeze" period of a few hours, where your scores don't get recorded (you still see your old score), so it's pointless to play elo during that time. you won't find anything about this in the game rules, it's really something i figured out from personal experience.

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