offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 05/10/2010, 11:35

Hello all,

I’ve heard that some matches in DM are not taken into account and others are considered as abandoned when it’s your opponent who left.

This problem within the code is very difficult to locate that’s why I’d like you to give me as much details as you can.

The details I need:
Your browser.
Detailed description of what you were doing (during the match but also if you were doing something else on the site, if you were downloading something, etc.)
A screenshot, during the forfeit if it’s possible.
In which mode you were playing.
Your connection : wifi or ethernet and what was its status at that moment.
All information you have.

No off-board comments please.

Thanks for your help smiley

offline CK-mg_and_mc Titan <=Chaos-Knights=>
Wednesday 15/12/2010, 17:14

I know I got sent to the fight cliub room alot while I was trying to do the new missions. that was annoying.

offline Dr FranknFurt Senior  
Wednesday 22/12/2010, 06:09

Over the last 2 days ive gotten a few beat downs from some cards getting damage buffs they shouldn't be getting has anyone else seen these? one of em was from the rescue deck i cant remember the name of it D:

offline Janafiz Senior  
Friday 24/12/2010, 18:34

Too much error
hate the error
please fix it

offline OLMF Hero  
Monday 27/12/2010, 19:47

I have had the game "freeze" on me twice in my last 3 matches, and then give me a critical error has occured please close your browser and restart the UR app again. This caused me to lose 2 matches by way to time out. I am running IE8 and was playing in DM on the Beta version. Thanks!

offline CLOUD891 Veteran  
Tuesday 28/12/2010, 04:43

December 28, 2010 Fights Type 1
11:30 lost by timeout against DanBou, Les fins stratége (12-12) – your wins: -20 points and -1 Clintz
How did this happen when it was my opponents turn and the time has not really fully expired? This is during a daily tournament so the -20 points is a BIG DEAL. Please someone look into it.

offline keithsweeney8 Novice  
Tuesday 28/12/2010, 21:13

I used 3 or 4 furry in each fight why not just use the furrys up on someone

offline (UE)Daddy Titan  
Wednesday 29/12/2010, 00:18

I've got a weird one... I was in a DT match yesterday in the Fight Room 7+, and an opponent left the match. However, Kate then gave me the "you abandoned the match" message - but in Spanish. I got hit with the -20 points and the -1 credit. I am running IE 8.

offline Bellatrix-X Senior The Warriors Turf
Wednesday 29/12/2010, 22:37

Hi there -

This "glitch/bug" is also occuring in "Lost Warehouse No Pillz" area.

3 or 4 of my cards gained experience at the end of the match, however when I clicked on "My Collection" the experience disappeared. The same occured on my player experience as well - my experience seems to be decreasing. Any idea when this will get resolved?

offline waldoj Colossus Masters of Battle
Friday 31/12/2010, 03:08

@ CLOUD same thing happened to me today

21:00 lost by timeout against W Hitokiri, Dragões Imortais (12-12) – your wins: -20 points and -1 Clintz
It wasnt my turn and the battle also just started. It was literally not even 20 seconds into when my 4 cards popped up. This was also during a daily tournament and i was going for a top 100 but this just wrecked me.

offline sporky111 Hero  
Saturday 01/01/2011, 03:14

Mine happened the battle after the ones I had in the DM, all occurring when the DM ended and before the scoresheet came up. I am using firefox on a wifi connection with one other window open looking at the Characters screen for the bangers. I was in elo mode when the strange match occured. Then after the strange match i go back to the room and the score sheet comes up.
I think thats all...

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