offline mrdisco Titan  
Wednesday 23/02/2011, 03:54

I'm guessing this idea has been tossed around but I think it would be amazing to have a dual room/team room with tournements. 2vs2 battles, you and a friend fighting against 2 other people same time. Somke ideas I had was having a shared life pool as well as a shared pill pool. like u have to work together with 24 pils and 24-28 health. But It wouldn't really work cuz u cant talk to your teamate about how to use the pills and such, maybe its 2vs2 with your own pills and own health and u fight one person and your friend fights other and you get points for round wins match wins pills left etc... so even if you lose your fight your friend wins his u would win the over all fight cuz u had more style points. IDK what do you guys think. good idea? Bad? How it could work. How it could never work. Lets open it up for chat. sorry if it already has been talked about I havemt heard anything about it and wanted to chat about it.

offline _rabbit_123 Master  
Wednesday 03/04/2013, 07:43


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