offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Thursday 26/05/2011, 14:25

Hello all,

Here comes a new tool which should please most of you smiley
This is the end of thefts, scams, etc. Well, that’s our hope with this new secured trade system. smiley

How to use it? It’s very simple.

To create a secure trade with a player, go on his/her profile and find the «Create a secure trad» option.

You’ll be redirected on a page with nearly the same interface as the collection pro. There, it will be possible to add character OR clintz. Once validated, your proposal will be sent to the player and it will be his/her turn to select characters/clintz. And then you’ll have to confirm the trade if you agree with it.

It is possible to change the trade but after each change, the new proposal will have to be validated by the player.

Beware! If you have a big collection the tool might be slower than the collection pro. We have tested it and it’s quite efficient but we won’t hesitate to improve it if necessary.

We hope you’ll like it. smiley

Have fun!

offline 911ultima Guru Magic Square
Thursday 13/10/2011, 23:36

Wuts level requirment for this feature?

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Friday 14/10/2011, 09:49

If there is one (im not sure there is) then its most likely 15+

offline VampyBaby Novice  
Friday 21/10/2011, 20:09

this is giving me a headache whole day, i wanted to trade with my friend and when i try to put a card in it says " You don't have enough available characters". And i have 13 cards, why does it say that? I could trade Karrion but when i put in Jayzel it says that i don't have enouh available characters???

offline VampyBaby Novice  
Friday 21/10/2011, 20:10


offline Ice235man Titan  
Friday 28/10/2011, 01:35

@ Vampboy: Is he in your deck? If you try to trade a card in your deck and it pulls the deck below 8 then it won't let you. Just add another card to your deck if that is the case. smiley

offline The Aerialist Novice  
Wednesday 09/11/2011, 00:36

Whenever i try to trade it says Error:The Aerialist cannot trade whyyyyyy? its so frusturating

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 09/11/2011, 15:00

The Aerialist: You have to of brought credits to be able to trade with other players, this included secure trades.

offline LOA Daigon Legend Legends of America
Wednesday 09/11/2011, 15:39


If I'm not mistaken, you still need to "unlock the market" to use the Secure Trades function.

In order to unlock the market, including Private Sales and Secure Trades, the game requires that a player purchase credits. Note - This is not the same as getting a pack with earned credits, but actually requires you to buy credits using one of the methods available in the Shop.

The only other option I know of is to complete one of the Free Credit Offers, listed on the credits page. If you go through all the steps (some are as simple as registering for an email), then the credits you receive count as a 'purchase', and that opens up the market for you.

Good luck. I hope that helps.

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Wednesday 09/11/2011, 20:24

For some reason secure trades screen is extremely unresponsive in firefox browser, it actually crashes my browser somehow every now and then, and makes the browser sluggish as snail.

In internet explorer the ST is totally working. I tried different versions of firefox and they all have the same problem. There seems to be something in the layout or scirpts behind that screen that firefox simply cannot handle propely, would you investigate this matter, I think its very important since there is lots of FF users amongst us smiley

Oh, and the same problem is in the legendary missions screen. It is more responsive, but firefox is clearly affected and it takes a long time to show the missions for the cards.

offline Rated rs Senior  
Thursday 01/12/2011, 00:24

It doesn't work for me anyone know why?

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