Tuesday 13/03/2012, 08:18

Would it be good to use Pussycats in DM?
most people believe they slow down the game but..
if you deck consisted of beasts like Lena,selena,Ditha,Emma,Charlie,yayoi and Louise and with them Ambre...
Wouldnt that make a good combination...
youve got oppurtunitys for 2HKO with everybody(excpt Ambre and Ditha whose team ability and life gain make up for their damage repectively)...
im planning to put in you this deck..
so would it be a good combo?
or are Pussycats just better off in survivor?

Tuesday 13/03/2012, 16:43

Nowadays they arn't too bad in Deathmatch So it could work.

Tuesday 13/03/2012, 18:13

Everybody uses survivor decks in DM anyways, so no one will care if you do this

Saturday 17/03/2012, 23:09

Its still going to be some time for me to get Charlie but ive got the rest of the cards
so im in a sort of dilemna
should i use Dwan or Kolos as the 8th card till i get Charlie?
im thinkin Kolos...

Sunday 18/03/2012, 12:04

I was 6th then am now 11th in the world with this decksmiley


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