Friday 16/03/2012, 10:55

After the last clean-up drive by the Government’s henchmen, the walls of Clint City have been returned to their gleaming, neutral, sanitized state.  For Kreenk Ld this is quite unbearable, so he's off on a mission to cover them in tags galore and graffiti! Kreenk Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before April 15th.

Saturday 17/03/2012, 17:22

I suggest using Garrik, Bubbles, and Chlora in combination with other cards. That will run you just a little over 3K, but with at least those three, you have a KO threat. Try including other 6 and 4 damage cards (Massiv, loccio) along with Graffiti for SOA and you got a pretty decent and rather inexpensive deck for the Ld missions

Saturday 17/03/2012, 22:53

Massiv, Bennie, B Ball, Good 2 stars
Loccio, Garrik, and then Kluwin or Carlito
Chlora, Lucas, and maeby Laetitia...

there is an option

Saturday 17/03/2012, 22:58

AND another thawinnerS EPIC suggestion

thats right..a Leader ld
a series of missions including Vansaar Bridget Timber etc

and he will be........a 4 star Leader.before you go ''waaaaahh'' think of it..why not?and an ability of -4 opp attack or a defeat based ability etc

Sunday 18/03/2012, 00:29

Epic suggestion? People have already suggested that a lot.
I find it hard to happen, as much as the appearance of any new Leader cards.
I may be wrong, but if they haven't got any card now, and it has been ages since they were released, I doubt there will be a new one to come. UR staff are a crazy bunch, though, so I may be surprised.

Anyway, I actually like Kreenk Ld. Of course, he doesn't fit with all the OP Bangers cards, but do nicely in a average deck.

Sunday 18/03/2012, 00:59

@thawinner012:, lol at the formal opening.

First off, i don't really support the idea. Secondly it should be a 5*. thirdly i dislike all those ideas of an ability. Maybe a team: -2 opp life min 3 could be useful

Sunday 18/03/2012, 03:29

Heck, since all the LD cards are going to cycle out with Standard, maybe now's the time for a whole new set of 'em!

Sunday 18/03/2012, 06:44

@wakshaani, i also wondered aboutbif they truly would add multiple lds in a clan. It would make clans that currently have a bad ld have hope of a good ld. However, too many could Flush out hope of seeing some of the older ones for a long while.

Tuesday 20/03/2012, 11:18

Hey all!!
any prediction for this week 4 new cards??
i guess Uppers,Montanna,Rescue,Rootz

Tuesday 20/03/2012, 13:02

Roots, Nightmare, Rescue and Montana

Tuesday 20/03/2012, 14:13

Magenta is released just a while ago,right


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