offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Friday 23/03/2012, 11:05

Randal, the young rapper and Lydia, the beautiful countess met in the nightclub of Borgia's Palace and quite unexpectedly fell madly in love with each another. Fortunately for them, they didn’t get to sample Poison Ivy’s "very special" cocktails. And Nancy would have loved to have hit the dance floor but she was too busy rescuing William from a burning building.Get these characters in the shop's packs

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Tuesday 27/03/2012, 07:08

@Soundtrack-HW, i impleied something like that when i said accident...

Although my bets lean on a cigarette rather than a match, but whatever!

The only thing i found suspicous of why william was in the building... Was he the only one? Because it doesn't mention anybody else, and it makes you wonder what sort of mission he could have been on that made him go into a deserted building that just happens to go asmoke. Seems a little to coincidental.
Although i just think UR didn't plan for such a debate, and just kinda threw it in there. They just didn't find a back story necessary.

I found it rather misfortunate to not get a jared for UR. I'm really eager to find out about the mystery of jared, and room 13...
Although i think the room 13 answer will be unknown, jared I'm sure we'll get the answer to soon

offline Firestorm191 Hero  
Friday 30/03/2012, 00:09

I bet Alec Cr helped Nancy save william

offline Hula_Daisy Colossus Immortality
Friday 30/03/2012, 01:25

I bet Vito caused the fire so Gordon tried to put out the fire and Nancy rescued an unlucky william

offline Poison Ivy89 Veteran  
Thursday 05/04/2012, 12:57

New cards tommorrow! Predictions are Roots, Nightmare, Piranas, and Berzerk.

offline El Darrioso Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Monday 07/05/2012, 00:54

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