offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Friday 30/03/2012, 10:17

Hello all,

It’s been several months we are discussing with you about it and we worked a lot on it to be able to release a well done and planned game mode.
We took your suggestions into account and the Standard will be released any day now.

A newsletter has been sent a minute ago to guild founders. On this newsletter we explain the format just as it will be when it’ll be released and several improvements (as a slightly different background for Standard format cards).

Don’t worry, we will explain everything in detail at the time of the official release.

Have fun!

offline PA Blackfox Colossus Piratas do Atlântico
Friday 30/03/2012, 23:03

"A newsletter has been sent a minute ago to guild founders."

Sorry, but this newsletter not are sended to all portuguese players.

What is happened?

offline Rainbow-Dash Senior  
Friday 30/03/2012, 23:06

URDB shows they were released on the same day. The dates are wrong on the official site (here)
If you think I'm wrong, ask yourself why a card would be released on a Thursday. It was a long time ago, but there were no special Thursday releases

offline DecklandPT Master D-Versified
Friday 30/03/2012, 23:17

2 year rotation? wasn't it 2 years?

and this might come a bit late, but how about adding the option, on the market and collection, to sort cards by release date? think it would be really handy, both for deckbuilding as well as investment managing

offline mahdin_DvF Titan D-Versified
Friday 30/03/2012, 23:22

No newsletter in my pm's or in my hotmail. Guessing this is the same for all other founders? Probably just taking an extra couple of hours...

offline Memento Mori Titan Open Casket
Saturday 31/03/2012, 00:05

I put a quick patch on URDB so you can search the standard allowed characters. I still have a lot of work ahead, so now it just works.

Example: All Stars standard playable characters

offline Babs Hartley Colossus TRiNiTY
Saturday 31/03/2012, 00:10

I think it's a good idea to mark the differences for standard cards, but geez... does it have to be such an eyesore?
It looks AWFUL.smiley

offline Bemmoth Titan  
Saturday 31/03/2012, 01:02

@lightball20, that's wrong. Coby and Dayton were released on the same date. Somebody just input the incorrect date.

I agree with Nintendan WMD. There should be a better way to pick/look at Standard eligible cards.

offline AD-owned45 Imperator THE EXPLOSIVE ELITE
Saturday 31/03/2012, 01:23

Hey i didn't get a letter can i get one for our guild please I never got one for our guild the explosive elite

offline CanopusHOA Hero Harbingers of Ares
Saturday 31/03/2012, 04:13

The background is a great idea, but it is sorta hard to see, especially on collection pro. It would be great if you could add an option so that it only shows the standard cards, and it would be especially helpful on the collection pro.

offline 0 Pride Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 31/03/2012, 11:37

Put a slightly small S mark on the top left side of the cards from standard.
How 'bout that?

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