offline Boing Legend  
Friday 13/04/2012, 12:14

Led by Hopper Ld and Bragh, the Paradise Devils couldn’t help but become the biggest biker club in Clint City! And at last they're on a par with Boyle and Sylvia Ld's Fire Angels. So over to you to help Hopper Ld prove to one and all that the Devils really are the greatest!
Hopper Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before May 13th.

offline ELMThawinner Hero  
Friday 27/04/2012, 09:57

Oh c'mon release it already!!!

offline FoFPrinnyDood Titan Friends Of Fate
Friday 27/04/2012, 10:21

Lol! i don't think there is such a rule... and UR has been acting more unpredictable than ever, lately! they said they would roll out new releases that would make all clans playable in standard, but so far they have been doing anything but that! smiley

i mean, just look at roots... no releases at all in 2012! all they got was krazan Ld... so the only way this makes sense, is if UR considers a Ld release to be equivalent to a regular release... so in my mind that makes an ulu watu or skeelz Ld release less likely than a Fang Pi Clang Ld release this time... but hey, anything can happen, they did put a pussycats in two consecutive releases, and benicio came out right after hopper Ld was re-released... so i guess we'll see! smiley

...the FPC Ld is the one i'm most looking forward to, though, so i'm really hoping this'll be it! smiley

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Friday 27/04/2012, 16:10

@sffallen: Unless an admin says something we won't know intill it happens.

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Saturday 28/04/2012, 06:31

@FoFFPrinnyDude, mainly in my oppinion why roots hasn't gotten a card aside from krazan in 2012 is because their most recent aside from krazan is craho. Craho came out on Dec 30, very close to the new year. If it had been in the next release,he would be in 2012 anyway, so its very close to the verge.

Yet it is already april and no new cards for roots... Almost may even...

But the pussycat releases weren't consecutive. There was a small gap of a release or 2 in between. Makes me wonder if pussycats is going to be a clan gaining the next amazing OP'd card... After michael, which came after spyke, which came after caelus... However if this were the case, UR would really need to make us wait for the next pussycats... Just my oppinion...

Still, my main fear remains with the next t2... I mean extended, piranas card...

offline Crypto140 Senior  
Wednesday 06/06/2012, 16:43

This will probably be the last comment on here...ever!

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 07/06/2012, 07:39

First of all, we don't look too high upon necroers.
Second of all, you're wrong.

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