Demolition team: Report!

Friday 18/05/2012, 11:24

Tremors can be felt throughout the city. Sah Brinak and Timhpah are off on a destruction spree with their bombs and killer kicks and punches. Titsouk, armed with his super snowball canon machine gun, is trying to throw a headshot at every kid in town, while Ayah is busy squaring up to the other clans' most fearsome warriors. After the pathfinders, meet the Frozn’s demolition team!

Monday 21/05/2012, 16:25

Where are the images for it at bro

Monday 21/05/2012, 16:55


Monday 21/05/2012, 18:13

Wow i can see why it failed. the pictures on the shirts were way too small and didn't fit the shirt at all

Monday 21/05/2012, 19:44

They should use clan symbol.
Like GHEIST or Pussycat

Monday 21/05/2012, 23:14

They should start with real card imitations like those of pokemon. And a discount if you actually own the card!

Tuesday 22/05/2012, 03:09

The pictures need to b bigger n more attractive. Need to be cool n catch peoples eye n make them want to play the game

Tuesday 22/05/2012, 11:07

Please i to go play pleasesmiley

Tuesday 22/05/2012, 11:58

Arkn and Dolly are Elo BAnned?!!
My GHEIST are dead

Tuesday 22/05/2012, 16:35

I think you could move the image around and inlarge it if you wanted to.

Tuesday 22/05/2012, 17:44

Just the image needs to be more appealing and large most defiantly. but i like the lamar one just the image needs to be bigger!!


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