offline Boing Legend  
Wednesday 27/06/2012, 11:02

From now on, you can play Deathmatch mode in Standard format; the rules and wins will be the same as in Extended format (to find out more about Standard format, click here). And, given the low number of players in Extended 25, we have decided to remove it from the list of formats available in Deathmatch mode. Finally, we have also decided to ban Ambre in Standard format and this will apply to all the different game modes. Happy gaming to you all!

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Wednesday 27/06/2012, 15:24

I think it would be cool if they allowed level in progress cards in ELO. I think they used to, but it seems pretty cool...

offline Bagadur MOB Colossus Masters of Battle
Wednesday 27/06/2012, 15:24

I was thinking about the strategy, I have bought 8 Sakrohm and made a good 25* desk. And... why I can not play?
O no. You killed my last pleasure in this game. ELO is so boring. Standard is fast and foolish.
Well, thanks for the game. The GHEIST were really good.

offline Tomo Shingo LQ Colossus The Open Dome
Wednesday 27/06/2012, 15:27

Now then UR realized that they should have done it earlier! smiley

offline Wakshaani Legend  
Wednesday 27/06/2012, 15:38

FINALLY another Standard format! Thank you!

offline mostDGK Senior UnaBombers
Wednesday 27/06/2012, 15:39

With the removal of Extended 25 i now have no reason to continue to play this game anymore. You just removed the only T1 game mode that was keeping here. Every other game mode is T2 unless you like Elo if your in to that, which I'm not. It has way to many restrictions.

I, to this day still don't understand why you removed fights T1 to begain withsmiley

offline Garlyle Guru Den of Urban Masters
Wednesday 27/06/2012, 15:46

I like 25* decks, we need more formats around them. That is the T1 format, which I loved and played a lot, and still do. All the other looks like old T2 for me.

But banning Ambre was a sweet move.

offline Lu Bu Imperator Limit Break
Wednesday 27/06/2012, 16:03

Ambre is giving T2 a bad name; she/it is the reason T2 is so hated, among other reasons I'm sure. I think the update does well to counter this. Though I wish they'd release more cards so clans other than Berzerk and Skeelz would be everywhere.
I mean, I'm not complaining, I use Junkz, and they rule. smiley But no despite the fact that cards go obsolete anyway (quit whining about that you girls, think of the poor dusty Diego's and MC Decay's in your collection) I do think that a new low star format is what we need. smiley

offline ShazamFTW Titan Time To Hymn You
Wednesday 27/06/2012, 16:03

So now my only option is to play a bunch of 5 stars in Standard or a bunch of 5 stars in extended for deathmatches.

Really? I loathe type II (or whatever it's called now) and this, in turn, just made Deathmatches completely unplayable.

Any chance we can institute some sort of 25 for Deathmatch? I don't care if it's standard or extended or vintage or whatever.

offline anjjj Novice  
Wednesday 27/06/2012, 16:05

Ty god they banned Ambre smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

offline Vinyl-Scratch Titan D-Versified
Wednesday 27/06/2012, 16:06

Big mistake removing deathmatch t1. smiley

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