offline Boing Legend  
Friday 27/07/2012, 12:14

A dromedary driving a van at high speed to escape from a crazy gardener armed with a chain-saw is everyday stuff in Clint City. Jean just shouldn't have gone trampling on gardener Hilly Billy's roses if he’d wanted to avoid unleashing the fury of the Berzerk clan! And if Harvey hadn’t been so quick to stop the car-chase, it would have caused so much damage that even Daussone would have found it hard getting Clint City back on its feet again… 
Get these characters in the shop's packs
5 new missions have been added.  
Click here to see the list of Newblood missions.

offline Dr.Ido Titan  
Friday 27/07/2012, 14:51

@19 : Yes, exactly, you only have to start the mission before the time limit.
@20 : Yes, it's intended as a reward toward those who purchase new cards. I doesn't take anything from those who don't and you only need to get the characters to unlock the missions, so someone can lend it to you or you can buy and then resell on the market, it's not out of reach.

offline mihalll7_UM Event team URBAN MADNESS
Friday 27/07/2012, 14:52

@Colonel Tigh
Yes, but you need to finish all four missions in two weeks time to unlock the fifth one that drops 10 credits

offline kontamusse Colossus Global Killer
Friday 27/07/2012, 15:41

Who told you that the 5th mission gives 10 credits?
Also, how do you know that you have to complete the first 4 to unlock the 5th? It is also possible, since the 5th mission is about 200 rounds won with Jean, and another mission is about 15 rounds won with Jean, that you only have to win 15 rounds with Jean to unlock the 5th mission.

offline -The Raven- Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Friday 27/07/2012, 15:59

As of today, a new mission type known as the Newblood missions, will make its appearance. Each new character release will be accompanied by a series of 5 Newblood missions.  4 of these will use the characters within the release, while the 5th will carry a prize of 10 credits and will be unlocked on completion of the 4 other missions.  These one-off missions are available for a period of 2 weeks and will be deactivated once the next Newblood missions become available (you will, however, be able to finish the missions you have already started).

Its on the game news feed smiley

offline kontamusse Colossus Global Killer
Friday 27/07/2012, 16:04

I reply to myself smiley
I read the French forum, it is explained there.
You are right, you must finish the first 4 to unlock the 5th, and the 5th gives 10 credits.

offline mihalll7_UM Event team URBAN MADNESS
Friday 27/07/2012, 16:08

Now I will reply to myself also
There isn't stated that you need to complete 4 basic missions during two weeks, it is only said that you need to complete the 4 to unlock the 5th
Can an Admin state that if you just start the missions now and complete them after the two weeks period, will the final one still be unlocked or do we really have just two weeks to unlock the last one?

offline Dr.Ido Titan  
Friday 27/07/2012, 16:08

@kontamusse : You don't need to finish the first 4 anymore. We realized it could be extremely frustrating for someone who would get the cards but couldn't find the time to finish the 4 missions, so we unlocked all of them at the same time. You just need to get the characters before the deadline.

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Friday 27/07/2012, 16:31

I actually like the idea of New Blood missions. It's sort of the opposite of a money grab -- if you get hold of a new release, you are eligible for a little refund.

I do have a concern about this release, however. What's happening with the Frozn? The clan isn't bad as it is by any means, but it's not exactly fleshed out at 13 cards.

offline DerMagus Legend Tequila Sunrise- UR
Friday 27/07/2012, 16:40

So, let me summarise. You need to own each of the characters at one point within the first two weeks of their release. You can then get rid of them again but will be able to complete the mission at any later point of your choice. Is that correct? (I'm asking also because I remember a non-nice episode with the supprt who insisted that I failed and could not complete my 75% completed last Ld mission some time ago...)

Please be very explicit and be it right away with such things. If it is as I said above, this is much more bearable... Lack of information, though, has often caused problems.

offline spagr Colossus Army of Elite Mercenaries
Friday 27/07/2012, 17:09

@ admin - it it necessary to finish at least one point of each mission to keep it open after deadline OR it is necessary to have it just opened ?

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