offline -CALLOUS- Hero  
Monday 30/07/2012, 03:43

smileysmiley Limit Break smileysmiley

Limit Break has everything you could possibly want in a guild! EVERY guild claims to have amazing players, be active and have active message boards but lets be real- Those things obviously can't be true for EVERY guild that claims them to be. Limit Break, however, is the real deal. Here are some verifiable facts toward the point-

-Our guild high scores and accomplishments are listed on our home page.

-We have maxed out on points EVERY SINGLE WEEK without missing a single time in the past 6 months AND we've always done so before the weekend has even started.

-We have over 15 very active subjects going on any given day on our message boards. Typically well over 50 new messages get posted in any given day, often more, and this is without any spam or counting threads. We have everything from games, to market threads, to strategy threads to chat about real life. We're social.

-We have players that excel in each game mode as well as market experts who have maximized their investments to make big money in this game- they can teach you how to do the same!

-In addition to being a level 23 guild at the time of this posting (level 24 before this weekend arrives) we're also a tight-knit, warm, welcoming community of friends. Everyone is a valuable contributor. Everyone receives respect. Everyone has a say.


Our requirements are listed on our guild home page. Also, we love no-obligation visits! Join the team today! smiley

offline Cyber Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 16/09/2012, 08:35

Great guild! smiley smiley

offline -CALLOUS- Hero  
Tuesday 18/09/2012, 00:02

Our guild is growing and thriving as much as ever. Absolutely check us out today if you're in the market for a welcoming, tight-knit, competitive home! smiley

offline akeeyu Titan Limit Break
Friday 21/09/2012, 01:19

We are still open to applications. if you are looking for a warm and caring family then limit break is the place for you

offline -CALLOUS- Hero  
Tuesday 25/09/2012, 00:58

We're still recruiting. We've got an excellent player base, booming message boards, excellent strategy discussion as well as games and humor and of course we're disgustingly active. This is definitely a place you can be proud to call home. Check us out today. We accept permanent membership as well as no-obligation visits. smiley

offline -CALLOUS- Hero  
Friday 28/09/2012, 00:15

We're still recruiting. Check us out today smiley

offline akeeyu Titan Limit Break
Sunday 30/09/2012, 09:56

Looking for a guild? limit break is THE place to be. Apply today

offline Milteon cr Titan Time Conquers All
Thursday 04/10/2012, 19:24

I am visiting this guild for a few days and I highly advice everyone to join.
These people are experts in so many areas of UR, they are super-hyper-active in the game and in the message board and they are really great guys to have as friends.
And of course, they have a great founder in CC Spring.

A great guild to be a member of.

offline -CALLOUS- Hero  
Sunday 07/10/2012, 10:37

See guys?

No one asked him to say that. He's saying it entirely on his own free will.

He has zero invested interest in saying that either. He gains nothing from doing so. He's saying those things because they're TRUE. Come see for yourself.

Join Limit Break today! smiley

offline akeeyu Titan Limit Break
Sunday 07/10/2012, 12:02

Cant find the right place? try joining limit break and discovering that what you were searching for was right here all along

offline Fever74 Titan SAM
Sunday 07/10/2012, 21:14

And don't forget to mention,our 1st year anniversary is due soon! smileysmiley
Join us today if you are looking for a super active,skilled guild in so many facets of the game.
Also mentionable is the huge amount of friendly people we have,it's a nice place to be!


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