offline LiteninMckwen Veteran  
Saturday 01/09/2012, 02:09

Hey there! Are you looking for a good, fun guild?

The Pro Ghosts are recruiting, and we'll be glad to have you!

However, just like every other guild, we do have certain requirements, but not too many.

[1] You must be respectful and friendly. No forms of discrimination will be accepted, and members who do not follow this rule will be banned from the guild.

[2] Try to stay active. I won't really punish you if you don't stay active, but it will benefit the guild greatly if you stay active.

[3] Stay active on the guild message board. The guild message board will be the place where important messages are posted, such as event dates, trade offers, and deck strategies.

[4] You must be able to speak French or English.

Also, after you've joined, please don't bother me or any other admins to make you an admin. Several players have done it in the past, and it's pointless and annoying. You'll be made admin if deemed worthy.

Other than that, there pretty much are no other restrictions.
We also have some pretty great benefits:

[1] It's a small and friendly guild, so you don't need to be intimidated when you talk to other players, and you can make tons of new friends!

[2] We have an outside forum and an IRC, which allows us to communicate in different ways.

[3] This guild used to be #4 in Canada, before it was destroyed by a hacker. Why not join us, and help return us to our former glory?

Why don't you come and check us out? We'll be glad to have you

offline LiteninMckwen Veteran  
Monday 19/11/2012, 02:44

We almost have 100 members! Join up now, guys! smiley

offline LiteninMckwen Veteran  
Wednesday 28/11/2012, 22:56

We now have 99 members, and we're very close to hitting level 12!

Why not join now, and become our 100th member? smiley

offline -Kefka- Senior - RaW Talent -
Wednesday 28/11/2012, 23:47

I'm up for joining if im eligible

offline LiteninMckwen Veteran  
Saturday 01/12/2012, 21:19

Of course you can join, Kefka. smiley

We don't have any level requirements yet for our guild, so everyone and anyone is welcome to join our guild. smiley

offline LiteninMckwen Veteran  
Tuesday 18/12/2012, 06:02

We're level 12 now, and we finally have a 5% cut on Kate's taxes, plus a whole bunch of other great guild bonuses. We also have a ton of friendly, new members. Join now, and become part of our family! smiley

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