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Saturday 08/09/2012, 19:42

smileysmiley PRELUDE smileysmiley

This is the 39th event of the CC Circuit and it is the event directly before the upcoming really really big one, MILESTONE 4, which will have, at minimum, 250,000 in clintz and prizes!

Anyhow, this event is relatively straightforward. The deck format, which is already up, will not change. However, the clans you're allowed to use within the deck format will change stage to stage. will select eight clans each round and you're free to use them in any combination you please.

This event is open to the public and the only requirement to play other than not being on my blacklist is the entry fee. Donations are not required for this event but they are almost always accepted and I sincerely appreciate them.

Come see what everyone has been talking about and why I have so many loyal regulars. The CC Circuit is a lot of fun. Become part of it today!


Even if you do not end up joining the event please take two seconds of your time to rate it green. This helps me out a lot and I sincerely appreciate it.

Thanks a ton for your time and thanks mods.

See you in the event! smiley

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